Exposé on Nigeria’s corruption

After reading this, if you are not moved to be a better Nigerian, even if it is to share it till those in power and their children get to read it, so that they may know the shame they bring to generations of Nigerians yet unborn, then you are probably part of the problem that think we need to just watch and see things go from worst to anarchy. we don’t need outsiders to fix Nigeria, the educated Nigerians are enough, both within and in diaspora, we need to fix Nigeria even if it means educating the remaining uneducated through social media and also individually on issues, the only thing needed for evil to continue is for good people to do nothing, I felt ashamed after reading this article, I have no respect for those who got us into this mess and none also for those who still want us to remain in this quagmire.

Below is the link


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