In defence of My Oga at The Top

yes we all know by now that the Oga at the top virus is highly contagious, its like the hottest thing on social media since… I dont think I can compare it with anything, people are actually making tee-shirts, for those of us yet to understand what the whole oga on top is all about, find out here

The focus was on his not knowing the website before it went viral to the My Oga on top which spanned into music videos and singles, below are some
This has sparked a lot of reactions with people saying it should not continue getting the attention that has created a social media frenzy, below are a list of comments on the issue that carry weight:

The volume of content distributed and the concentration given to the unfortunate display of the NSCDC Commandant on Channels TV in the past one week have been quite huge.

Nonetheless, I take exception to the ease with which we have lampooned the distinguished Commandant.

While I do NOT excuse his Mediocrity, what I excuse is the perception that he is our worse candidate.

Please let us be real…

Is this Commandant not a literal expression of what our level of Professionalism and Proficiency has become in Nigeria?

Majority of the young people who so easily quote and adapt ‘My Oga at the Top’ cannot contend with their own contemporaries when it comes down to Professional Performance and Diligence to Self Development .. Even their Use of English (Spoken or Written) is massively flawed.

This morning, I simply wish to admonish that:

1. Let us Look inward: am I a Professional at my Call? Do I know my Onions? Will I deliver when the Chips are Down?

2. Let us Be Sober: Nigeria needs Help and only Nigerians can Fix Nigeria.

3. Let us Show Respect/ Remorse: it is OK to laugh and cast aspersions at episodes like ‘my Oga at the Top’ but having done so, let us respect the Uniform, the Institution and the Sanctity of the body NSCDC. I believe there are Fine Commandants in there as much as there may be ‘Bad Eggs’.

What is the Way Forward?”
~Oluwayemisi Mafe~

Lessons from ‘MY OGA AT THE TOP.”

For some days now, the media has been over flooded with the phrase: “my oga at the top”, which emanated from the live interview @channels_TV granted Mr. Shem Obafaiye, the Lagos State Commandant of the Nigeria Security & Civil Defence Corps. (NSCDC).

Whilst so many have chosen to turn this to a joke, I think it should be an eye opener for us.

Now, let’s glean some lessons from this;

1. Be very conversant with the happenings around you at all times. Ignorance can be deadly!

2. Regardless of your qualification, strive to possess a Sound Interpersonal Communication Skill (IPC). This will prevent you from making incoherent presentations. He was unable to answer any question appropriately!

3. Regardless of the case, be calm, remain yourself. Don’t be too “Boss Conscious”. This was a challenge the man had. He wanted to please his Boss at all cost, hence, the phrase “My Oga at the top”. Refrain from worshipping people! ||« Respect all, fear none. Honor all, worship none! »||

4. When asked a question and you don’t have an answer, please just open up by saying you don’t know. Better still, say you’ll get back to the person. This led the man to giving “ww.nscdc that’s all!” as the URL for his organization. Don’t EVER misinform people!

5. In this jet age, it will be highly calamitous to get ready. Please DON’T GET READY, LIVE READY! The man obviously wasn’t expecting the questions asked.

Bear in mind, that this same interview could have boosted Mr. Sham’s image if successful. ||« Sometimes, the path that leads to success may also lead to failure! »|| This is a lesson for us all!


Lukman Javalove Idealist Jaji wrote:
Shame on Channels Television for handling the interview with Mr Shem of NSCDC in a very unprofessional manner. I wonder if you guys just really wanted to score some cheap points. The man is definitely ignorant and is not the best to represent his organisation, but many Nigerians are equally ignorant of a lot of things they ought to know. I wish this bashing would stop. I will suggest that people who would be interviewed live on national TV should be given an option of having a prior knowledge of the questions so that they can be better prepared. This is not good for the image of the Civil Defence Corps. It is equally bad for the image of the TV Station. I don’t think journalists should deliberately embarrass their guests. The embarrassment is deliberate and shameful. I also feel organisations should presnt their most eloquesnt and knowledgeable people for any public relations programme of this kind. You guys have contributed immensely to the embarrassment Nigeria is facing now cos #MyOgaAtTheTop is trending….

The last comment sounded like media/social media censorship, which in my personal opinion is not good for transparency, I am actually proud that Channels Tv don’t censor their interviews, that is the beauty of live TV, as for the trending My “oga at the top”, in all fairness I don’t think Nigerians are making fun of the poor man per say for his major blunder on air, but rather; the Nigeria system and all the oga at the tops occupying positions refusing to retrain themselves and the blind loyalty and eye service that encourages mediocrity, this in no way exempts those who make jest or laugh at the #myOgaAtTheTop jokes from the same rot. one of my friends said we should not be washing our dirty linens/boxers/pants and bra in public, but then I believe shame is part of growing up, if we are not able to learn from shame to improve or do the right thing, then we would remain in the rot we have found ourselves,there is nothing wrong in admitting our ignorance and our flaws, but there is everything wrong in pretending to be who we are not, I guess that’s one of the biggest lessons we can take home from all of these, and also I believe learning to laugh at ourselves when we make blunders is also a step in the right direction, the show SNL (saturday night live) takes no prisoners in exaggerating flaws of celebrities, presidents(usually American) and they have a good laugh about it, that does not mean they dont have respect for the office, it only shows how open they are to criticisms and how much good a sense of humour they posses, we really can’t say how long this #myOgaAtTheTop would still trend, I am of the opinion we should enjoy it while it lasts, Nigerians are very creative, we should not throw away the baby with the bath water, in the spirit of the season Daz All before my Oga at the top says another thing 😀





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