Update on 2face wedding and Dr. Godswill Akpabio gifts

The Governor of Akwa Ibom, Dr. Godswill Akpabio has defended his controversial wedding gifts to Tuface Idibia and his wife, saying the gifts were “only a gesture of love and goodwill” to commend the wife for standing by her husband from his days of humble beginnings.

The governor however denied the speculated amount of gifts stating that only members of Mrs Idibia’s family will be sponsored to the couples wedding in Dubai and not members of the government.

The governor, who hosted a lavish traditional engagement ceremony for the celebrity couple in Eket, was reported to have declared a gift of two brand new Toyota Prado SUVs for the couple and also vowed to sponsor 29 people to their forthcoming nuptial in Dubai.

The state’s Commissioner for Information, Aniekan Umana, on Thursday, confirmed to Channels Television via a phone conversation that the state governor decided to “assist Annie Idibia so that her family members and close friends who are citizens of Akwa Ibom, who cannot afford the trip will be with her on her wedding day.”

According to the Commissioner, “if anything the Governor should be encouraged because the galaxy of stars and people that Annie and Tuface’s wedding brought to Akwa Ibom state is good for the state’s economy and this could never have happened even with an advertisement of N3million”, making reference to the sum of money the government is expending on the return tickets for Annie’s friends and family to Dubai.

“I wonder why they (mischief makers) like taking on Governor Akpabio. Is it because he is a nice man” Mr Umana asked.

A statement by the Commissioner on Wednesday stated that the Governor only approved a car, and not two, for the couple.

He also said he only promised to sponsor 20, and not 29, wedding guests to Dubai for the couple’s white wedding.

The statement explained that state government is “only sponsoring the travel expenses of twenty of her family members at an estimated cost of roughly Three Million Naira (N3,000,000.00) only.”


More important than the update are the comments for and againstthat followed on Nigeria info

Here are some of the comments lifted from the facebook page that caught my attention

Ogunleye Kayode : What’s de difference btw 20 pple and 29pple? same noni.

Linda Chinenye Okorie : Finaly,him don marry..d oda ones wey him give belle dey pendin..na wa o bt congrates to d couples

Atoba Olaitan : Celebrity things. When they are many uncompleted and unimplemented project in Akwa Ibom. Nigeria govt always want pple to aplaud them even when thie infrastructural facility of the state is worsen.

Jimmy Frank Egbe-ibi : Gifts are presented 2 new couples on dia wedding day, lets not make a big deal out of these benevolence shown by the amiable governor.

Benjamin Moses Lilsharpsharp : No wahala Tuface will stand for him during trials for money loitering after He quits office. As celebrity couples all this gifts means nothing rather is doing what I will call ‘Over sabi sabi’ he should also be ready to present them with gifts during their bad times in marriage because I know that will surely come oooooo. If you check very well the street they pass through during the marriage might be nothing to write home about oooo

Nzola Batangisa : @moses akwa ibom is so ok d man hs done d best 4 d state, u shld b takin abt calaba n nt akwa ibom pls levae d man joor

Fashola Manutd Abiola : Even if na one prado jeep plus 3 million naira calculate how many lab equipment e go buy for one secondary school? Imagine how many lives e go touch instead of just 20 people with no economy returns

Ugochukwu Joachin : u pl shld leave them alone nd mind ur buz ok

Francis Ekanem : Did Tuface tell Akpabio that he can’t sponsor his in-laws to Dubai, I am sure he knew the financial implication before choosing Dubai, something is not right here.

Gideon Agwu : I don’t see anything wrong in governors gesture. He has been doing that not only on Tuface alone. He do support burial ceremony to families that can’t afford to bury their dead loved ones. He do that in different kind of ceremonies in akwa ibom. So let him continue. After all he is working in akwa ibom.

Chinonso Iheka : Rubbish. the value of two Prado Toyota could sink about 6 boreholes with water treatment plant and overhead tanks. Akpabio is not futuristic. Tuface is rich adding such exotic car to his fleets of car mean noting to him.

Vivian Chikwado : abeg na there turn joor. annie carry go

Idiabana Christopher : Waoh. Dats a gud gesture buh it has to b fully explained as to d source of the money- weda personal or frm d state’s pause

Umoh David : After goin tru some comments here, i feel few Nigerians needs to step up now. For christ sake! Dis Governor is doin tremendously in Akwa-ibom. He has really done a lot and I say God bless you sir Apkabio. We recommend your good works even here in South Africa. Hugs.

Martino Oscar : We shouldn’t have criticize for wat we cannot Do! I tink Akpabio is the Best.

Bass Williams : is 2face begging 4d car among all dat he has? Y is 2face nt doing d weddin in nig? Is he promotin or demotin our economy? D amt of money dat’ll move out frm dis nation cos of dis weddin can b use 2 develop our economy. We shld thnk wisely on d economic implication of dis

Djmaslee Integral : Bad bele Akwaibomites…..una no go eva agree 4gud tinx…..
If na anyof una wey governor do d same tin 2….tel me….wud u reject it n feel bad dat he’x wasted public fund?

ADeola ADekoya :If d governor is planning to pay for all dese with d state’s fund then I’ll expect EFCC/ICPC to probe him ceriously. Dis is sheer nonsense!!! r u tryin to say dat d couple dat planned to get married in dubai wouldnt hav also already plannd to take care of all d xpenses involved??? How would a governor use such huge portions of taxpayers money jst for sheer celebrations of some individuals we all dont even knw abt!!! No blames for Tuface @ all if he accepts d gifts but 100% blame goes to d yeye governor who feels dis is d best way to spend d state’s money!

Jesse Kelechi Chukwuezi : make una free akpabio! He is a nice and generous man.if money they hungry una,go marry 4 him state then invite am.

Azeezah Ogundare : O ma se oooo, we have this kind of governors in our country, all these expenses are @ d expense of d taxpayers money, yet some youth are applauding this rubbish. God help us, our future is @ stake

Nwoji Victor Chinedu : The question is, the money used for the gift, is it from his own pocket or from the scarce state financial resource? Until this is answered, no air has been cleared period!

Tobbie Oyefeso : I can only say the governor is tryin to appreciate them, i believe is not trying to show himself or trying to lavish d state money but he is so happy and dat is d only means he thinks he can appreciate them, atleast tuface and his wife are not into politice and i believe he can also do dat for any other person as long as as d person is from dat state and it will be d benefit of being an akwa ibom man or woman.

Justin Uzodinma : D Governor cant be assisting Tuface inlaws to travel to Dubai because their inlaw (Tuface) is a multi-millionaire and he can afford a hundred times to take his wife’s parents to attend his wedding in Dubai. Moreover, he understands very much his financial position very well before choosing Dubai for his wedding. The Governor should continue blowing away hard-earned financial resources belonging to poor people.

Doris Dibua Enemuo : If i talk now..my oga on top will talk another thing..so datz all


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