Questions to ask yourself and your partner before saying I do

1. How many children are we having?

2. Four years after marriage, no child. What do we do?

3. How will we manage money, joint accounts or separate accounts?

4. Couple of years down the line either or both of us loses job what do we do?

5. Couple of years later I, the wife, is earning a lot more than you are earning and I am transferred to another country or location within Nigeria. Will you go with me?

6. One of us develops a medical condition that affects our fertility what do we do?

7. One of us is involved in an accident that permanently affects our physical condition e.g. loss of sight, become crippled, amputation, memory loss. What do we do?

8. I, the wife, reaches menopause earlier than expected before we have the number of kids we plan on having what do we do?

9. What plans do we have in place should any of us die while the kids are still very young. How do we protect the family estate from in-laws?

10. How important is sex to you? Every day? Once a week? Once a month? Once a year?

11. Are there issues in your family line that I should know about?

12. Who is going to be the next of kin?

13. Peradventure we have a mentally challenged child what will we do?

14. Is there any issue in your past I should know about? Do you have a child somewhere? Is there a medical issue like no womb? Do you belong to any cult?

15. Can our younger ones come and live with us after we get married?

16. Do you have any addictions I need to know about e.g. Pornography, gambling, etc.?

17. Do you have any sexual preferences? Are you bisexual? Are you okay with blowjob, anal sex, etc?

18. Is there anything I will do that will make you divorce me?

19. Can I still hang out with friends from the past after marriage?

20. I am still friends with people I had relationships with in the past. Can the friendship continue after we get married?

Taken from mutes note on facebook

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