how to find a good mechanic for your heart

We have to get our truck serviced pretty soon so we began looking around and asking who would be a good mechanic to take it to. With our previous car, we were trying to be cheap and ended up having to take it to several different mechanics who worked from their homes. Not that mechanics who work from their homes are not good mechanics but neither one we took it to could do the job so our previous car never was fixed properly.

So this time we asked around, heard good reports from people who take their vehicles to this particular mechanic, my husband went by the place to check it out and to check the mechanics out and we even prayed because we had been through bad mechanics before and didn’t want to go through that again. So finally, my husband decided we would take our truck to this particular place and have them service it because everything checked out, plus he had a good feeling about them as well. So why was it so important to do all of that checking and even praying to make sure we find a good mechanic?

Well number one, we have “precious cargo” that we drive around in our truck (our precious babies) so we wanted to make sure the mechanic who works on our vehicle is WELL QUALIFIED, certified, knows what they are doing, has a good rapport with their customers and believes in the utmost of safety! We were not going to take our truck to just ANYBODY even if they were cheaper.

So now let me ask you single ladies this; why is it that you don’t do that with your hearts?

Why do you give your hearts to just ANY MAN who “looks” the part but isn’t qualified to have your heart? Why won’t you check the fruit they bear (check their actions), make sure they even know how to handle YOUR heart, know if they have a good reputation NOW (not based on their past) and believe wholeheartedly in Christ?

You have to understand, when I talk to a woman who’s had her heart broken, I hurt with them and it’s not pretty to see and hear her hurting so much! But as we talk further, I often find that she didn’t do the necessary things to make sure the man was qualified to have her heart in the first place!!!

Before I gave my husband my heart, I checked him out to the T. It was hard for even ONE person to say anything bad about him because his fruit preceded him. Not only that, he SHOWED that he was qualified in handling my heart by the way he treated me and the way he loved our Savior! And you know what? After all the hard times we’ve been through, he’s still taking good care of my heart today (and I take care of his too).

So though this can go to single men as well, I’m talking mainly to single women because I talk mostly to women! Qualify a man BEFORE you give him your heart and more than likely you won’t have to deal with him giving it back to you battered and abused simply because he wasn’t qualified to have your heart in the first place, so he didn’t realize your heart is “precious cargo”! ~ Truly Faithful ~ OEV ♥

Taken from Truly Faithful fb page

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One Response to how to find a good mechanic for your heart

  1. tushmbeke says:

    Wow I never thought of it that way. Frm now on investigation and prayer tins 🙂

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