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Boko Haram leader, Shekau, found in Mali:

Security agencies have discovered that the spiritual leader of the Boko Haram Islamic sect, Abubakar Shekau, who was wounded in a gun duel between soldiers of the Joint Task Force and members of his sect early this year, is hiding in Gao, a city in Northern Mali, receiving treatment from the Tuareg rebels.

Military Intelligence sources told Saturday Tribune on Friday that Shekau was ferried to Mali through porous routes in the vast Nigerian border with a neighbouring country in the north.

The source cited the discovery of Shekau’s hideout and the training base for Boko Haram sect members to unleash terror on Nigerians as a further justification of the action of the Federal Government to deploy 1,200 troops as well as Airforce fighter and transport aircraft’s to Mali to help flush out the Tuareg militants and their sponsors.

Shekau was said to have been shot at a checkpoint while he attempted to deceive operatives of the JTF by posing as a nomadic Fulani man who was returning from a journey.

A gunfight ensued when the vehicle carrying him and members of the sect approached a checkpoint and they discovered that the soldiers were waiting for him.

During the exchange of fire, Shekau and two other sect members with him escaped with gunshot wounds, while two other members of the sect were killed on the spot. About six AK-47 rifles were recovered from the vehicle.

My wife wrecked my church – Pastor:

She fights me at the slightest opportunity,she is a pest in my life”.

With these words, Pastor Ope Balogun pleaded with an Orile Agege Grade ‘B’ Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve his three-year-old marriage to his wife, Taiwo, who he accused of troublesome acts and nagging.

The 54-year-old cleric, who lives at 7, Ilupeju Street, Oke-Odo, Agege, testified that he had not known peace since he married his wife.

Balogun also alleged that his wife drove him out of his house on Nov. 2012.

”She pursued me from the house and she still came to damage the windows of where I am taking refuge,”he said.

Meanwhile, Taiwo, 36, denied the allegations.

She said, “I am the ninth wife of Pastor Balogun. Trouble started when I took in and he told me that he did not want a child again but sex.

”He maltreated me during the pregnancy and did not pay my hospital bills when I was delivered of the baby.

”I love and respect everyone around my husband,but what usually causes misunderstanding between us is the issue of money.

”He does not give me and my child money for feeding.

”After the delivery, he told me that I should be eating once a day, so how do you expect the house to be peaceful?”

The defendant told the court that she doesn’t want to leave her husband because of her child.

“We will do something about the institution” – President Goodluck Jonathan promises during Unscheduled Visit to Nigerian Police College, Ikeja:

Following the series of video reports by Channels Television on the deplorable conditions of the Nigerian Police College, Ikeja in Lagos, President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday paid a surprise visit to the college and promised to improve standards.

On his way to an ECOWAS meeting in the Ivory Coast, President Jonathan’s plane was diverted to Lagos where he made a stop at the police college in Ikeja.

Sources say that even his top aides and the police authorities were caught unawares by the unscheduled stop.

He expressed shock at the level of dilapidation at the foremost institute and queried the authorities of the college on the state of the institution. He demanded that the top brass explain these actions to which they had no sufficient answers. The President reportedly commenced an inspection of the college, starting with the student hostels where he discovered dilapidated conditions including no beds and toilets in the rooms.

“Will do something about the institution”, Channels TV quoted the President as saying. His prompt response to the TV documentary has been lauded by many.

Poverty Level Has Reduced In Nigeria – World Bank:

The World Bank has praised economic policies of President Goodluck Jonathan‘s administration, declaring that it has led to slight reduction in the country’s poverty index from 48 to 46 percent.

Mouktar Diop, World Bank’s vice president for Africa during his visit to President Jonathan yesterday said that Nigeria’s economic indicators remained positive even times of recession.
“At the time when the economy is going down, we have seen that Nigeria has been keeping a growth rate which is rather significant. So, I was here to hear from the President’s priority and discuss other issues such as how poverty has been evolving in the country and what we can do to accelerate the reduction of poverty.

“Our work recently has shown that there is slight reduction in the level of poverty in Nigeria moving from 48 to 46 percent. The trend is good. It needs to be accelerated obviously. What we discussed are the policies that we can put in place to accelerate the pace of poverty reduction in Nigeria,” Daily Trust quoted him as saying.

Diop also said the World Bank has decided to intervene in Nigeria’s energy crisis saying it has decided to put up a task force which will include private sector branch to support the reform.

Unlike the unencouraging statistics that has been attributed to Nigeria by international organisations in recent times, this is quite welcoming. However, some Nigerians disagree with the statistics saying there is no visible improvement in the quality of lives of the average Nigerian and the poverty level is still high in Nigeria.

18 Year-Old African Swimmer Seeks Asylum in UK after Fleeing Olympic Village to Escape Arranged Marriage to 60 Year-Old Man in Comoros:

An 18 year-old African swimmer has applied for asylum in the UK after fleeing the Olympic village during the London 2012 Olympic games to escape an arranged marriage. Ayouba-Ali Sihame, 18, represented the tiny African island nation of Comoros during the London Games and said she fled the athlete’s village in London to avoid being wed to a twice-married 60-year-old man.

According to a report by Daily Mail, her mother told her she was being sold and must give up her sporting career just days before she flew to London.

Sihame, who has also represented her country at volleyball, walked out of the Olympic Park after failing to qualify for the 100 metre freestyle semi-finals and coming 48th overall. She spent weeks living rough in the capital before travelling to Dover and attempting to hitch a lift and cross the Channel with a fake French passport. But she was caught by French border control officers and faces being transferred to an immigration centre pending deportation within a fortnight after completing half an eight month prison sentence.

According to her solicitor, Andrew Gurney, Sihame did not realise she was entitled to apply for asylum as soon as she entered Britain. He said she was regularly beaten in her home country and expressed fears that she might be killed if she returns to Comoros.

“Comoros is a strict Muslim country. Ayouba-Ali was beaten from time to time. Ayouba-Ali was allowed to practice swimming, but she had to wear a full swimming costume and always be supervised by her brother. She had gained celebrity status in Comoros – she was one of just seven athletes to come over for London 2012. Her high profile meant her parents could get a higher price for her in marriage. She was told if she did not take part in the marriage there would be violence or death. And she was told that she would have to give up her swimming career when she was married.

“She could not confide in anyone about what was happening, but she managed to speak to a friend and get false French documents. Since the Olympics she has spoken to her brother. He has told Ayouba-Ali that if she returns to Comoros she will be killed because of the shame she has brought on the family. We deal with this sort of offence all the time, but I have never dealt with a case like Ayouba-Ali ‘s.“

Sihame was jailed at Canterbury Crown Court earlier this week after admitting using a false immigration document. She has applied for asylum from her cell but was warned she could be deported within weeks. The court was told that had the athlete applied for asylum in the first place she would have probably been granted leave to stay because of the persecution she faces at home.

Foreign nationals can be granted asylum in Britain only if they can prove that they have a ‘well-founded fear of persecution’. Asylum can also be granted under the European Convention on Human Rights if a foreign national can prove there is a ‘real risk’ they face torture or other inhumane treatment.

The UK Border Agency website states: ‘If you do not qualify for asylum but we think there are humanitarian or other reasons why we should allow you to stay in the UK, we may give you temporary permission to stay here.’

Comoros, which is situated between Mozambique and Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, has a hard-line Muslim population of around 754,000. The country, which is among the poorest in Africa, is heavily dependent on foreign aid and allows multiple marriages.

Obama Calls for Assault Weapons Ban; Chastises Congress for Serving Gun Lobby:

President Barack Obama [on Wednesday] took to the White House podium to deliver a strongly worded statement calling on Congress to pass an assault weapons ban, to limit sales of magazines to those that contain no more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and to close a loophole in the law governing gun sales that allows purchasers of weapons at gun shows to skip the background check required for gun purchases in retail establishments.

Obama’s plan includes 23 executive actions.

At the president’s side during the remarks stood Joe Biden, whose White House Task Force on Gun Violence delivered its report to the president earlier this week, after meeting with stakeholder groups, includng the National Rifle Association, whose leaders have continued to voice opposition to any new gun laws, even in the wake of the massacre of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., one month ago.He opened his remarks by noting that, since last month’s massacre, another 900 Americans have died from gunshot wounds.

But Obama is well aware that the chances of passing an assault weapons ban are not in his favor. Even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid seemed to write offany possibility of an assault-weapons ban passing the current Congress. NRA President David Keene, in an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union , rejected outright the gun-control measures the president laid out.

the NRA released an ad accusing the president of hypocrisy because his children attend a school with armed security while he has expressed skepticism about the efficacy of putting armed guards in public schools. “Are the president’s children more important than yours?” intones a narrator.

Missouri mom outraged after school reportedly tells daughter to get breast reduction to stop harassment:

A Missouri mother is outraged after her daughter’s school district allegedly suggested the 13-year-old get a breast reduction to stop bullying.

Tammie Jackson said her daughter, a sixth-grade student at Central Middle School is being sexually harassed because of her breast size.

When Jackson called the school district to complain she said a woman suggested to me, “to have my daughter get a breast reduction.

The school district tells the news site that the incident is still being investigated.

The school also said they are working to counsel students to resolve other bullying issues.

Jackson, who also claims her 9-year-old son is bullied for scars on his chest from a heart condition, wants the school to “talk with the kids.”

“Let them know people’s bodies are changing, everyone is different, but God made us all great,” she told

Jackson also said the superintendent has reached out to say they are working on a plan to resolve the issues regarding both of her children.

EFCC Arrests Aides of Nigerian Billionaire Folorunsho Alakija for Fraud:

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has announced the arrest of an aide of Folorunsho Alakija, Chief Executive Officer, The Rose of Sharon, a Non-Governmental Organization, Vincent Ayewah and six others in a case of abuse of office, conspiracy, forgery, impersonation and theft of N3million (Three million naira only).

Their arrest came after Alakija made a petition alleging that Vincent, one of her employees fraudulently misappropriated the funds meant for the beneficiaries of the foundation’s empowerment scheme. She alleged that he impersonated and stole various cheques and withdrew monies meant for orphans and widows in care of the Foundation.

According to a statement by Wilson Uwujaren, Head of Media & Publicity, EFCC, Vincent allegedly forged cheques of the Foundation’s Stanbic IBTC Bank Account and got his sister, Florence Ayewah and their friends to cash the forged cheques by presenting them with fake identity cards.

In the course of investigation, it was discovered that Vincent used his position to enlist his family members as beneficiaries of the scheme. Vincent confessed that he fell for the scam due to his poor upbringing and being the only bread winner of his family. He admitted that when cheques are ready for some beneficiaries of the Foundation, “I divert them and get my siblings and friends to cash at banks, I also arrange ID cards bearing the name on cheques with their faces on it for bank clearance”. Florence was arrested at a Stanbic IBTC bank in Lagos while trying to cash a forged Cheque number 03378 in the sum of N97, 000 in favour of one Ms Olubunmi Juliana Ishola.

Besides Vincent, six other members of the syndicate involved in the scam were also arrested.

Vincent admitted having at, various times, sent his younger sister, Florence and her friend Chinyere and his younger brother Emmanuel to banks with fake identity cards. He also admitted having acquired a Honda Accord car with registration number: UA 845 AAA from the proceeds of crime.

According to the statement, the suspects will be arraigned in court soon.

Nigerian billionaire oil tycoon, Alakija, was recently named as the world’s richest black woman by Ventures Africa.

Taken from Nigeria Info Fb Page

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