wedding more important than marriage

……She had her Wedding on a saturday like this…
Less than 3yrs down the line &she’s getting a divorce…
She recollects memories of her wedding day.the partying,attent­ion,gifts,food &guests…
The exotic places visited during the honey moon,the passionate moments &how she felt on top the world.
In her heart she seemed betta than her friends who werent married.
She thought of all the wealth,cars,acc­esories &vacations she’l enjoy being his wife…

The honey moon which spanned for One calendar month was over.
Reality set in &her Night mares began….

She wasnt prepared for Marriage itself buh was all set for the wedding.
Now she claims he’s no Longer the man she fell in Love with buh Forgot to make herself the woman he’l always love no matter what problems poise their way.
He wanted a Real Wife.A real marriage,A Real Home,a Bestfriend & playmate and companion in her BUT she
wanted a Money bag,the man with all the fame,Riches and a Sex mate@Night..
She went back to her crazy lifestyles before she got married.
Friday Night clubbing and Boozing with the girls,leaving her husband alone@home with their Child.
She barely cooked their meals buh was an advocate for eating out &having expensive dinners@the choicest resturants and bars.
She had all she wanted buh he never got what he wanted.A real woman and a real home.
He changed from the calm,soft spoken man to a human monster.One always ready to raise his fist@her at the slightest provocations.
Ofcourse beating her became his newest habit.
Once she lost her 3month old pregnancy to his merciless beatings.
He hated his life.He hated the fact that he was Once blinded by her outward beauty.the curves of her body,the smoothness of her hands and the decit in her tongue.
Now he wished he could turn back the hands of time.He wished he had married a more decent godly &homely woman who could give him all he wanted in a home.
He wanted to take his life but couldnt fearing God’s wrath@it.
He remembered his Vow to her@the altar.He was broken.
For how long would he live that way-Forever?
Slowly he got up from the bench@the park where he sat.he was tired of seeing young lovers all around him basking in their own bliss when all he craved for was a moment as such.
Parking the car outside the gate,he made his way on foot into the Large compound.
How strange he thought as he walked into the Enormous living room.The door wasnt locked.meaning his wife was home.
He walked up the stairs.he felt different like something wasnt Right.
Few yards from the door to their bedroom he heard loud moaning sounds.Lovemaki­ng sounds.He couldnt believe his ears so
in the speed of light he pushed open the unlocked door to confirm what he heard.
There she was on their matrimonal bed being shagged by a man who she met in the club the previous Night.
His world tore into bits right before his eyes.
All that happened after then is now history but she sure hated her existence.
His life wont remain same forever.

**Marriage isnt about the wedding ceremony nor about the wealth,vacation­s &all what not.Marriage is life after the Wedding.If you go in for the wrong reasons be ready to come out for the right reasons you should have taken note of youself the pain,prepare your heart &learn from the bible what it entails to be a godly man &woman..what it takes to hv an awesome home.
You owe yourself &partner a life of happiness &fulfillment.

~by Duchess Ineh Ishioma.

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