Difference btw Men and Boys

Written By Aki­n Al-Ameen

“Most women think being a man is the easiest thing in life. Of course its harder to be a woman but being a man is also not a joke. Some women even think men don’t go through any pain in life, but the truth is men do cry but he holds his tears and fears. Women have foundation of peace and love, while men has a foundation of courage and rage. Women act very fast while men think very deep. Inside every man is a spirit of an a angel and a beast. Parental upbringing, environmental impact and religious teachings has a lot to play in building a man. A boy that lacks affection when growing up may not be able to give affection when he becomes a man. Man is the head and uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. When the water touches the head it circulates the whole body. Inside a heart of every responsible man goes a lot of pains that can’t be seen. He thinks about how to keep providing for his family and make them feel secured. He knows his wife and kids are his sole responsibility in life. Even with tears in his eyes and fear in his heart, he will still manage to smile and give hopes to his family when he is not sure himself. He knows that any man who fail his duty as a responsible man has failed as a man. He works very hard not because he wants a new clothes and shoe, not because he wants a new car or house but to make sure his family are ok and provide them with basic things of life. He gave up what he enjoys doing to spend time with his wife and kids. He delayed his gratification for his kids to be successful in life. He endure the natural stress of a wife and act wisely if when he’s been pushed to the wall. He bridge the inevitable gap between his mother and wife. He give confidence to his family when there’s no hope in sight. He worries and have sleepless nights over each kids behavior, success and prays to GOD. He give up his own dreams for his kids to be successful in life. He put his interest in his kids because he knows his peace at old age depends on what they turn to be. Any man that doesn’t have anything worth dying for in life may not have any reason to live.

Balls are only meant to differentiate between a female and male. Being responsible is the ultimate factor of being a man. A responsible woman is far more better than an ordinary male with balls. Every man will get to a stage in life where his perspective about life will change. When those things that he love to do as a boy will look funny and meaningless to him. When he will migrate from boyz2men. When he will know its time for him to stop following the crowd and take his own path in life. When he will be more focused about his future and success in life. When he will realize that being a man is never a joke. When he will know any man that refused to endure a temporary pains may have to suffer for life. He will be more interested in permanent joy than temporary luxury in life. He will know there are only 2ways (before and after)to regret in life. Those who choose to regret later may regret for life. He will put most of his interest in his future because that’s the foundation of his peace. He will know that the decision he makes today will be his destiny tomorrow. He will realize that it takes a lot of courage and discipline to be responsible in life. He will know that one of the most beautiful thing in life is to be loved and be in love. He will know the real beauty of a woman is never in physical appearance but in her good heart and good characters. He will realize its good to get a life before getting a wife because there’s a limit to how much a woman can endure pain in the name of love. A man will reach a stage where he will be done playing games by dating 5 women at the same time and tell them same sweet stories just to put their life on hold. When he will choose just one woman and be faithful and honest with her and love her truthfully from deep down his heart. When he will know the importance and joy of having a family in life. When his family(wife and kids) happiness will be his priority in life. When he won’t take any decision or action without putting his family in thought. When he will realized his peace and joy at old age depends on how well he caters for his family. As he grows older he will increase in wisdom. What makes a man wise is not the amount of wisdom he has but how well the wisdom affects his personal life. He will know the purpose of life is not by how much you get but how well you live. He will know that meaning doesn’t lie in things. He will know material things of life are good but very meaningless. He will realize that those who attach too much meanings to the meaningless (material things)will live a life of pains. He will know that being rich and being successful is never the same. The ultimate measure of a responsible man is how much he cherish and takes good care of his family. He will know life is not just about what he can do for himself but what he can do for people around him. He will know the purpose of life is not to acquire wealth but to create or be a part of something good that will live on forever even when he’s dead and gone. Reaching this stage has nothing to do with age. Some reach it in their 20s while some are still struggling to get their at 60. Age has nothing to do with brain. Growing old and growing up is never the same. Any male that refused to grow up will remain a boy. Any woman that marries him will automatically becomes a girl. When frustration makes nagging becomes her daily routine…

Every woman wants a man of her of dreams. When a woman finds her heart desire in a man her heart rejoice. She will smile happily at the thought of him. She will say a glaring black is white cause she’s blindly in love. Whoever oppose her choice will get a curse. Most women don’t know every man also has a list of what he wants in a wife. If a man don’t see in a woman what she wants in a wife, no matter how much the woman love or want the man she’s in the relationship alone. Any efforts to show her love can be a waste of time. If your dream man can’t see you in his own dreams then you are dreaming alone. Until a man finally makes up his mind to settle down, to him every relationship i just like a holiday. There’s ­never a vacation that lasts for life. A GODLY man is better than a good looking man. A good height and a good heart is never the the same, always have a 2nd and 3rd look at every 1st impression in life. Those who mistake oil farm for oil firm are already blaming themselves. Most ­women measure a man’s worth by where he’s standing in life but where a man is going in life is far more important than where he stands. A jobless man and lazy is never the same. A disciplined poor man with great vision and ambition is 1000 times better than a lousy rich man with no mission in life. Wise men don’t date fake women, the only place you can find a material woman is temporary in the heart of a foolish man but when the fool becomes wise the wise person is always in serious trouble..

Of course any romance without finance can be on its way to south cause true love doesn’t pay house rent or pay the bills. That’s why its good to get a life before getting a wife. You don’t need a lot of money to keep a woman who is truthfully in love. Most men thinks the most important thing to win a woman’s heart is money alone. Money is important but there’s a lot to a woman’s heart than money alone. Every woman wants happiness in their relationship/­­marriage but because every woman is a different book that’s why what makes them individually happy is totally different in life. To know what she love, find out what she hates. Every woman wants a man that will love her with all his heart. A man that will be her best friend and her next of kin. He must be caring and protecting. He must be sensitive to her needs. Every woman wants a woman that will make her proud among family and friends. Women love romance. A man that will take a walk with her on the beach, hold her hands and kiss her on the street, take her to movies and go for dinner. Every woman wants a man that will treat her like a queen always with due respect. She wants a man that can make her a surprise breakfast while she’s still in bed once in a while. Every woman wants a man she can talk to about anything, anywhere and anytime. She wants a man she can confide in, gossip with and laugh with. A man that will love her kids. Every women hates to fight for her man’s attention. No matter how much money or luxury you give a woman, if she has to fight for your attention then its never enough. If you are not ready to give your best to one woman don’t try the rest because every woman in this world want the best. Treat any woman the way she has never being treated in her life and nothing will make her leave you and if she mistakenly does she will live to regret loosing a man like you for the rest of her life. Sometimes some men are totally lost in lust thinking they have fallen in love. They are actually in love with the woman shape, daydreaming about how good she can be in bed. They go into relationship based on this thinking and when their heart can’t stop thinking about the woman’s beauty they concluded they have fallen in love. They lead a woman on for a long time putting her life on hold. Most men think only the women regrets and suffer from divorce. There’s­ a limit to how much a wise man can re-marry in life. Any man that can’t get it right at 3rd marriage may never get it right 30 marriage. Most men blames the mirror for their dirty face instead of washing their face. Having multiple baby mothers is surely a way to a life of waste. When a mistake turns to habit, it becomes a destiny. Most men are blessed with angels like wives but ignorantly pushed her away. Most men have lost a very precious diamonds and ended up with ordinary stones.

One of the greatest war in life is the relationship battle between women and men. Women say there no good men left in the world while men say women nowadays are no wife material. Men are allergic to rushing while women have phobia for wait. When a man is taking longer than enough to propose the woman takes a walk. When a woman asks a man about their future together,he thinks she’s desperate for him. Its takes a lot of courage for a person whose heart has been broken many time to trust again. When a woman is heartbroken she takes her time. She want to make sure the same mistakes never happen again. But then a good man with good intention comes around and she thinks men are all the same. Most women punish their new man for the sins of their EX thinking there are trying to be wise. A rich man will think every woman is after his cash. forgetting that a lonely life is a sad life. Most women goes through a lot to support their men. But when the man becomes successful he realized his woman lacks many things in life. Many men thought they got married to the love of their life, but when trial knocks at their matrimonial door the woman takes to her heel. A single parent mum will say she don’t need no man in her life again, forgetting her kids surely needs a dad. Not many people got married to end up with divorce but many people are divorced before their wedding day. Some got married to a complete strangers thinking they married their friends. When love turns to misery people break apart. Blame game is the next thing that follows after every divorce. A husband says its the wife and the wife her husband is the one at fault. Most women makes their matrimonial a living hell because they lack patience in life. A man best place should be his home. If he goes through stress in outside he wants to come home and rest his head. When a man can’t find peace in his own home, he seeks for it elsewhere. Most men were so busy looking for money and forget their woman needs more than cash alone. Most men don’t know that listening and hearing is never alone. A woman that can’t talk to her man with talk to her friends. Most relationship and matrimonial homes failed because of 3rd parties involvement.” ….­Aki­n Al-Ameen®™2013

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2 Responses to Difference btw Men and Boys

  1. collins says:

    This was a good read,tho it ended abruptly. I wud lik d whole ryt up. Bt an interestn rid non d less…I jst v a problem wit d title..it shudnt m diff btw boys n men..cos he also talkd bout woman n mariage n diffrnce btw women 2…bt dats jst a surface opinion. It woz a gd read.

  2. cknaija says:

    He did not title it, I did 🙂 after reading it, I just had to blog it and share and give it a title, and a catchy title is part of my style, we have heard a lot about women and girls but not much on men and boys, and men need to know these things … Its a post for both men and women, but I used the men caption to draw a more wider audience attention(aside fom the fact that the title had to be short, rather than The difference btw men and boys and the difference btw women and girls and what marriage is all about) 😀

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