Brothers that are scavengers or rather gold diggers

Close-up of a stack of gold bars and one hundred dollar bills and one euro coinsSista Bola has this to say (Bola Ubakanwa)

The bible is a complete book, and many a times it’s just the future being played out by God.
Good morning and welcome to the week of grace.
Isaiah 4: 1 says” In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say:
“We will eat our own food
and provide our own clothes;
only let us be called by your name.
Take away our disgrace!”
This is playing out in our time. The situation has become so severe, that it looks like there is a re-distribution of wealth and the sisters are calling the shots as in who has the cash. Women seems not to care about being the one paying the rent, taking care of the feeding and even repairing the cars.
While some of us are still old-fashioned, wanting our hubbies to take care of the home, laugh with me to hear that (lol) means lucifer our lord, when to me it means lots of laughter. Before you bother yourself with all that satanic stuff when you have so much fire around you, let us get back to the issue at hand, born-again men and those that are not born again going for the gold rush. Not in the mines to dig out the money, but in the bank accounts of gullible ladies. If there is no shame anymore for those men looking out for already successful women, we could as well say come Lord Jesus.
If the vision to receive a wife now comes for ladies that drive latest cars, have fantastic jobs and live in high-brow areas, my brothers dig well, but note that it is an ominous sign of what lies ahead. When you rush to a model church, join a worker group and begin your scavenging escapades, it is important for you to note that a crooked mind cannot serve my God who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. A man who dates five ladies secretly and sleeps with them so that finally he can choose one as wife is already in the pit of hell! You may become a useful member of the choir or the ushering department, but if you don’t repent, a day of reckoning will always come. In some churches some pastors turn a blind eye to these anomalies, but not me, never! I will not hesitate to suspend any erring worker that will bring sin into our workers group, it’s all about God, and no one is indispensible. Leaders need the spirit of discernment, so that right from our rooms the Lord will show us, these erring brothers.

I am writing to you brothers that says you are born-again. If you don’t have a job, a small room to call your own, you have no business getting married. Yes God will make a way for you, no doubt about that but till then concentrate on having your daily bread. Did I hear you say you are a business man? When last did you get a contract? When last did you file your tax returns? You are a yahoo star? Ok, you are not even in the league of the people am talking to, because your case is different. You aren’t born-again, no child of God will dupe others or fleece people of their incomes. So you don’t qualify as a gold-digger rather as a hell-digger!

For you sisters that are so desperate to be called Mrs I have finally married, the thing is, I have handled a lot of cases to know that in most cases the marriages end after the first few months. Not that couple go their separate ways but they become co-tenants as the pressure begins to build. Let me give you a scenario here. Bro. K doesn’t have a job before marriage, Sister J does, she gets pregnant after few months, and they live on her income. She leaves her job, due to baby pressure and the home grinds to a halt, she begins to cry and gets depressed and moody. Bro K still has no job, begins to be defensive and snaps at everything saying “ do you think I am useless, if not that I didn’t get that contract blah blah blah “. Of course he cannot provide, does he need a prophet to tell him that?

Brothers, don’t resign to faith, the Lord has made you the head and not the tail, don’t let the world determine that your place in the home as being taken over by women. Of course there are a lot of women who are richer than their husband, but in most cases the husbands can provide for his family. For the single brothers don’t go around looking for successful ladies, to marry at all cost.

For my dear sisters because he wears a good suit and speak in tongues (do you even know if the tongue is fake?) and he is in the choir doesn’t make him a marriage candidate. Never indulge in any secret relationship with any brother, run to your pastor quickly; in fact you might be surprised that you are the 7th sister he received as wife, after he noticed your 2012 Honda accord.

I am not saying that God cannot give you a wife that is successful, if He so wishes. I am just saying that your greedy tendencies may be the one sending the visions to your brain.

You can have something doing that gives you a regular income, you might even have a small mini-flat to call your own, and whether you have a car or not, you can still feed your wife, take care of your little bills, sir you are good to go. It’s the luxury things that you won’t indulge in and it’s not a do or die affair. As the Lord continues to bless you, then you move up the ladder. Don’t go around shopping around for a wife that can take you to Paris for your honeymoon, rather be contented with taking her to Idanre hills in Ondo state. You are paying and you should feel proud of yourself.

I know the brothers will be like, what have we done again? I write with my hubby by myself, who has just planted a kiss on my lips and said this. “You write for thousands, yet you belong to me.” That’s the spirit of a man in control of his home. What about you my brothers?

Brothers don’t be a gold-digger but the goldsmith. Have a lovely week and I hope I am still loved. Shalom!

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