Definition of Love

I just read an article I believe I’ve been trying to write, lots of us can’t define Love, this article should help, Love is a verb, an action word and more important than someone saying it to you is them showing it to you especially when you are not on your best loveable disposition.

Anyone can love a rose/flower but it takes someone extraordinary to love the ordinary leaf. Don’t get me wrong, I’m attracted to beauty as well, but beyond beauty, to know that someone loves you back, that they have your back, not just the butterflies in your tummy mills&boom,hollywood/nollywood romance script… That eventually fades, but someone that sees you for who you are, flaws and all, and believes in you, come sun come rain, in good times and bad times, that’s love, and its hard work but with the right partner it is heaven on earth, may we find and fall in love with our soul mate and not chase after wind and more importantly, may we keep our soul mate and not loose them when found by thinking the grass is greener on the other side…

This is the link, would paste as comment again…

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