Jungle justice on Aluu community

I asked a question once if there is anything wrong with Jungle justice or is it because innocent people were killed? Lots of people did not answer, because the same people condemning the recent evil that was recorded, in their own way are carrying out the same sin commited by those that stood there and watched or cheered or lied or spread hatred or recorded or took pictures or stoned or hurled insult or beat or brought tyre or petrol or judged without hearing sides of the story …

Before this happened, there have been Jungle Justice happening, I even have one on my blog about a lady alleged armed robber, beating and stripped naked…

Below is a facebook page I stumbled upon, I detest violence or any wickedness or even murder of people, and jungle justice is wrong simply because we can’t be police/vigilante, judge and jury in our own case, its true Nigeria is suffering from a myriad of problems especially security, but we cant afford to turn on ourselves, especially without having full information, we should be weary of hatred, lets learn from the Allu 4 situation, we cannot bring back the Four young men, we can only honour them by making sure no innocent life ever again is lost as a result of Jungle justice, we should thereby channel our energies towards capturing the direct murderers of the Aluu 4, we should not blame the whole community, because even among them there would still be innocent children who were helpless, and some people who actually thought they were doing a good by joining a vigilante or a mob acting on information not verified, we should also not become like them and start cursing the innocent with the guilty, there are Aluu indigenes that were not in the village when this happened, some in Lagos, some at Aba, some out of the country, it is not fair to categorize a whole race just because of the ignorance of a few who should face the law, lets not blow this out of proportion…

read the comments below and see why I have to post this, all gotten from a facebook page and the comments there were scary,thank God for some good comments, but you would have to scroll to the bottom, almost like a mob and anyone who tries to go up against them may also eventually be lynched, and many people would rather not become a victim but watch… this is my own way of raising alarm, lets unite to stop evil anywhere it is found, lets unite to stop armed robbery, cultism, rape, terrorism , kidnapping etc. and definitely Jungle Justice

NDI IGBO facebook page

Samuel Ibiereh: Ndi Igbo Admin, do you people not have anything better to update? With everything happening you are still talking about Aluu. Is this worse than Boko Haram? Is this the worst thing ever? What is your interest in this case, will you be doing this if there were no Igbos among the murdered? Does it mean that you will not stop talking about my community until you turn the world against us? We are all sorry about what happened but the way you people are going here is turning it into another thing. As a Sarah said on one post, know you that Igbos own many buildings here and in Rivers state, you people should mind how you blow things up or it will come back and bite you. Let us pray for peace. They 4 guys are dead and nothing can bring them back. Aluu has been accommodating many Igbos and students for a long time without problems so let us not use this incident to judge my people. We are very peace loving. We don’t tolerate crime and maybe that is why this happened but however we are sorry as it seems there was a mistake somewhere. Enough of this Aluu updates on this page. This is page that is read widely by people and can cause a lot of problems for my people please have sympathy for others. Aluu will survive this attempt to smear us all.

Ikechukwu Uche :Thank you, Samuel. The same thing on my mind. Please let’s stop berating the community. It is not in our character. A lot of other things are going on in this country.

Then The Insults and curses on the guy

Samuel Egbe :you are very foolish to say anything about igbo’s

Obeime Omon Eugene :sry is nt enough,pay bck is the ans.

Ugo Osakwe :Aluu murdered sleep and shall sleep no more. If church can’t change you, change church, I suggest you change village.

Cyprano Vyrux Duruaku :May everyone in ALuu die like those 4 guys.u people are cannibals..come out nd say u re from dat evil village nd we shall lynch u bastards

Samuel ibiereh is a murderer !!!!!!!! I would post his name across the net now !!!!!!!!

Ikenna Ajuba :@samuel i m honestly wishin u exactly wat hapened 2 those ALUU4….ur brothers and ur kids will see worst…..amen.

Ejike Ugwar :How i wish i knw ur wel i wuld ve smash ur kpomo head off and tel ur parents sori. Mtchew. Boko boys are beter and Aluu boys i swear

Ibekwe Ephraim samuel u r asshole how dare u threaten the igbos??? infact if u and u ppl provoke us we will urge the whole igbos in PH to chase u ppl to cross river,,, idiot like u,,

Ikenna PrinceStinless :Samual i dnt knw dat a big fool,i promise non of aluu male child wil grow up to 24year’s.u pple called ugonna akpuruka becus he refuse die instant like other’s.no fine boy wil grow up in dat town belive me

Anoribe Nnadozie :stupid samuel nd useless princess bring ur innocent brother’s let me kill dem so u wil no wat people are talking abt.

Vivien Onyenemezu :ALUU community will not hear d cry of male children again.Ur land is cursed.Tufiakwa!

Daniella Nonny Uzoamaka :You are a big fool aluu indigene…..Your useless apologies can not bring dos innocent boys back to life…..Aluu community has to been cursed by many n so shall it be…….Useless tining

Chioma Nwamadu :Samuel u are a fool, those innocent blood will continue to hunt u and ur people. Please Admin we no need those carnibals in this forum abeg

Chidi Opara :Samuel u’re a fool….u call d killin of 4 innocent boys a mistake??…let ur people attack ibos n b ready 4 tribal war u beast of a people…

Tenebe Ihuoma Margaret :U are a big fool, if u wnt to come out and talk, u must apologise to the public and don’t be specific about the Igbos, I am frm Edo State. To me aluu community should be burnt to ashes and hostel should be built and named after the four students. If u wnt to beg, beg and stop saying rubbish.

Okey Godson :sorry Samuel but your community have committed a sacrilegious,things like this in old testament in the bible GOD of Abraham punish Egypt even to the point of killing every fist born of Egyptians,you see this abomination your community have cause and brought curse upon themselves mind you,in my community, if u kill innocent person the land will take revenge and kill all the murderers involve.Sorry to tell you that the GOD heard those boys cry and scream in pain and agony b4 there last breath and those killers will see the anger of GOD ARISE ON THEM….

Paul-donzy Don Done :Samuel fuck yu Nigga, are yu treatining the igbo`s or are yu appologizin? Huh? Fuck your entire linage for been the most nincompoop in Aluu the evil land. The igbo`s living in rivers state are morethan the poepl of rivers we can attack & destroy Aluu

Anoribe Nnadozie :princess i swear u have no moral at all ur husband is tryn i can lie may be if i kill him u wil love me mind u dnt come up here and say u are a mother u fat liar u abort all d kids u had nw u talk bullshit i see no wounder u like dis aluu people.

Kingzuc Ihemeje :who ever dat wrote dis is very stupid person….u better close dat ur dirty mouth b4 thunder strike u down amd dat ur ur bloody Aluu vila..see,what u pple did,d curse wil continue 2 reign all d generations till dis world com 2 an end…

Ugochukwu Emmanuel Okechukwu :that incident was too bad and where were those ur so-called Aluu peace loving people when those boys were undergoing such excruciating pains. My brother did u see the killings? I’m sure u have not till this moment because if u did, u won’t even want anyone to have the slightest of idea you’re from that horrid town. And have u lost a loved one to such inconsequential allegation before? I’m sure u have no idea what it feels like. Have u also heard that one of the victim’s mother is dead from shock form the same incident perpetrated by ur peace-loving community.

Chidie Augustin Nweke :Mr Samuel, n Alu ppl my advise is dat u shuld kp silent 4 nw to avoid a represal attack frm de students n ndi-Igbo. Cos wen hapns ther wil be no innocent ppl. I hv neva heard or see were such atrocity is bein committed b4 women n elders n they refuse stop it. Truely u all r vampires!

Goodluck Chukwuka Onyebukwa :Samuel, ara gbagbuo gi dia. When it will fall, we will send you people back to the waters and claim our lands mercifully given to you people as brothers. See how you are denying the tribe that accommodated yours for life. May you tongue be smeared to you pallete so you wont talk non sense again. I put it to you that no single human being of your community is good. Watch your self go to hell. Admin, make a case so that this idiot will be arrested, he must be among the killer. We are fighting for true federalism and nothing more. Student are being killed by thier host communities all over the country and if not said like aluu and mubi no body will hear it. Fowl…

Jennifer Small :I have left Nigeria a long time ago but always tell people am a proud Nigerian, to be honest with you, I am ashamed to say am a Nigerian. What evil deeds. How can people be so wicked? You Samuel you should be ashamed of yourself. You are a fool for what you wrote. Your people are wicked and showed no mercy to those boys and God will not show your community any mercy. May the souls of the four boys rest in perfect peace. I did not know. Aluu community and I wish never in my life to know anyone from there.

Chidinma Glorie Efuribe-Nneji :Na craze dey worry all of una wey dey in support of dis post. To show sey dis Aluu pipo na demons,y d poster put up fake name? Na God save u sey u use fake name if not,na RIP 4 b ur sur name. 4 innocent lifes were wasted n he had d guts to call it a mistake. Ur community henceforth is now seen as ‘ndi osu’ (outcast). Hopeless pipo.

Adebukola Olose :Unrepentant sinners,at times l’wonder why igbo hate themselves,for allu pple. To do this to fellow igbos,l’wonder what will happen if biafran state will be given independence,infact the elders in igbo land should anihiliate this pple from eastern region b4 it is too late,pls if u watch this video u will support mean,l’mean fellow igbo boy they broke his head and started laughing and videoing him that u dont want to die because u are fine! When the boy is in great pains and begging for mercy!infact the is too much,bin laden that killed 5000 americans was not killed that way!!! It is well with our nation ,am ashame of being nigerian for now

Dozie Alaribe: i believe dat any theft cougt in d act are killed by villagers in many part of igbo land but not d way ur people go about urs.why d record.why show it 2 d world dat u ar murderes.d heat is now on u and u are shouting. There is somethings behind dis killing and recording.

Umunna Uchenna :May those that support Aluu people die untimely dealth may their not see peace in there life the wicked satan visit their home .

Chika Arize :I waz opportund 2b at Aluu(Taboo) 1day,drinkin chilld beer wit sum frnz around 8:15pm wen a grup of toutz cald demslvs Vigilante cam 2us at d place nd d way they mbarasd us in d presense of our girlfrndz,i culdn’t bliv diz.d girl we visitd told us daz d way they used 2haraz pple,infact i waz ashamd of maslf n i swear nt 2b dia again,we drov out.they hv bin doin diz eva b4 now coz i liv in Ph 2.so Mr Samuel n Co,d nam of ur town fits u pple very wel n ur commentz shows dat u r 1 of dem coz u r a Murderer as wel

Olowu Emeka Ihediegwu :OPTION “4″……, OPTION “4″….., OPTION “4″ is the only way dear great UNIPORT STUDENTS. That means: REPRISAL, 10 Aluu’s head to 1 slain student. OPTION “4″…, OPTION. “4″…., OPTION “4″.


Nnamdi Ukasanya :These people hitting the LIKE button, is it that they like this write up or is it out of ignorance.

Oji Ebere :This guy must be one of the Killers, if we catch you be rest assured that you will die. Idiot.

Chioma Veronica: Pls if u know u are married from aluu,pls humbly devorce dat person.they are Vampires.HEARTHLESS DEMONS

Francis Gbudiz just pray to God i dnt find you, cause as it stand now , you are my buisness. And when i do, you will have the same fate just as my bothers did. And i pray God plz punish this man for me…. .


Princess Chilakaukpo :finally….after my own posts have not been noticed iam greatful for this one. STOP HATING EACH OTHER!!!!! no everybody in ALUU is part of tha horrible scene, shame on you guys that u push hate like this, u motivate ppl to continue that shit instead of praying for peace and jhustice….think twince

one idiot said the unborn babys in aluu should burn in hell? what kind of stupid shit is this? can u judge me for what hitler did more MORE THAT 50 years before i was born?? i would kick anybodys ass if somebody blames me on the crimes hitler comminted cause is not my fault at all, even my partens wherent born then…so stop this shit once and for all…damn, are u all that foolish nd childish??? LORD HAV MERCY ON YOU

Holy Francis :Ma dear brodas since we r not God, lets leave vengeance to Him.

Prince Ifeanyi Johnbosco Ugwu :admin. pls help calm the tempo, only God can judge. igbos,pls remember this is not the first time ppl are beeing set ablaze by angry mob in the name of jungle justice. we understand that some are very angry becuase the guys were labelled cultist.with all respect,nigerian govt. has failed us. cultism is now in almost every family. Nigerians pls wake up,signs of End Time. may their souls rest in peace,Amen.

Among d ALUU community, dia are innocent soul. Wat wil u about dat? Kill dem, curse dem, betray dem? If dat wil b wat u want to do den u r equal to d evil doers n hell awaits pple like dat. Pls brethren, GOD wil avenge d poor soul of dos student n pls try n forge ahead without insult plss.

Love u all friends in d lord.

Judith Nora :@Writer i’ve been thinking alongside u & i also wish d admin shuld give a break to this. Evil takes place everyday this last daz. Just last week where i reside, armed guys attacked a couple @ around 4am, killed d man & also shot d wife without demanding anyting 4rom them. What abt Mubi shooting where abt 26students were killed after calling out each by name. D Aluu’s re wrong but peace can be given a chance b4 someting worse emerges 4rm this. He who repeats a matters stirs up strife says d bible

Kingsley Okeafor :This page should be promoting peace not to heat up the policy. Plz pple, what happened has happened let us forget it and pray for the repose of the dead. Aluu pple have learnt their lesson. Life must go on even its me they killed.

Ifeanyi Nwokocha :Samuel in as much as ur comment has some annoying areas where u were threatening my people i think u have a point. Ndi Igbo admin please i equally want to appeal that u step down hosting of either graphics or write ups on this ALUU 4. It is true what has happened has happened, we pray government should take necessary action to investigate this matter and bring all those involved in this killing to book…Please save us from further psychological trauma this incidence has brought many Nigerians including myself….Let us have other post and comments that could cheer our spirit up abit, bikonu….Let us have a breath of fresh air from this horrible incidence as we await the immediate trail of all those involved…

Nwadiugwu Amara: Its not all of them you people should stop this,everybody is bittered about what happened but lets not cause pain to those who dnt have anything to do with what happened.Yes,it happened in Aluu and our brothers were killed by few Aluu people and not all of them.Lets leave God to judge this although its so painful but we cnt tarnish the image of those who do not have anything to do with this,remember dat they are human also.

Kilian Okanwikpo: Ndi Igbo Admin, why do you keep silent on this issue? Noone condones the killing (murder) of those 4 young men. I condemn these killings in the strongest possible terms. Absolutely no excuse for that. The killings were barbaric. People ask me here why such killings (which are not unusual in Nigeria) take place in a country where there is a constitution and the rule of law. The perpetrators of the Aluu murders should answe for their evil deeds. You, Admin, however should not allow your page to become a page of hate. On this page all Aluu- inhabitants are branded as murderers. On this page people express regret tthat Aluu inhabitants were not all murdered by irate studends..that only 10 Aluu-houses were burnt down. I think you, Ndi Igbo-Admin, have a responsibility – also because of the very wide coverage you enjoy – the responsibility and the duty to moderate, direct and channel the readers towards a peaceful, responsible living-together. I know you do not condone any evil. I also know that you know that not every Aluu-indigene agrees with the horrible thing that happened there. If you, Admin, dont come out now to deescalate this beginning “war”, things might begin to be truly uncomfortable. You have the duty to step in energetically and defuse/calm emotions when you see things are going iin the wrong direction on your page. I appreciate the good, not easy job you are doing…still you have to say and do something about this. God bless you.”

Ikedimma Ujuka :Brethren,Do u think dat all dis curse will bring them back to life?NO.probabily ugonna and his friend are singin Halleluia wit other saint in heaven and ur here cursin each other read(james 3:9-12)be careful heavenly race is u on ur own.let us not make hell bcos we think we re fightin 4 our dear brothers.can u fight more than God?if God later forgive and set those killers free who are u to say no,rememba paul(saul) in de bible.did u know how many he killed,yet God choose him among all.He is a perfect God.we re all christian not pegan,so lets reason like one.he who have ears let him hear!!!

Don Paparosi This guy is making sense. This community accommodated students for years and they will not stop accommodating students and no one have every said they are bad 4 the past years rather it was the community & students living in the community dat has been complaining about some student cultist robbing and killing people in the community which was the reason why the vigilante was formed to protect de life of student and everybody in the community 4rm dis criminal cult boys. Fellow Nigerians lets not throw away the baby with the bathing water dat is wat this guy is talking about. But this community stupidly took law into their hand by killing this boy not even giving room for the authority to investigate the alleged crime. My brothers rest in peace and 4 those that killed those boy GOD is watching you. for those cultist student that have been terrorizing Aluu community, u will meet your Waterloo

Kilian Okanwikpo :It makes me very sad to read the comments here. Each commentator here bears a Christian name…but hardly any of us expressed any christian sentiment. Amost everyone here curses the people of Aluu, seeks revenge..an eye for an eye, calls down thunder and fire on the people and hardens his/her heart to the godly, softening influence of the Holy Ghost. Revenge is Mine, said the Lord. Let the people who are responsible for these extremely beastly murder of the 4 young men be held accountable and answer according to law. They will surely also answer to God for extinguishing life He gave. Let us move our thought from hate to positive things. Hate has a way of literally destroying the hater both physically and spiritually. That is why the Lord warned us seriously against hate and against not forgiving those that offend us. He has told us clearly, plainly what to do…for our own good and welfare.The choice is however ours…to listen to Him and do , or to reject Him.

Onyenna Ijendu :My brothers i know its painful,yes it is bad we agree,the did have been done,n those who did this shall not go unponish,yes nothing they say change the fact that it is shere wickedness,but no matter wot they did the are still our brothers,and we cant condenm the entire village,we know the anger is still fresh,but egbue n’iwe elie m’ushii,please ndi igbo calm down,we seen more than these i beg u all reconsider,think if ur from this village what will you do,bring yourself to be killed i dont think so,doo nu ndi igbo this is the enemy at work to devide us,biko nu iwe unu juru…

Kenn ThankGod :If Love abounds among brethren, hate rate will flee away and if my people let Love lead, sky will be our limit. is it possible to live in peace in NIGERIA?, yes of course but it can only be made possible when we know that we are one united Nation and when we begin to see love in others peace and love will rain supreme among us. The ugly situation of country means nothing to some people, they leave issues to treat tissues but instead of us to fight and chase corrupt people among us, we get busy destroying one another because of hate rate, it is a pity but this is giving more room to the corrupt government to continue with their evil practices. let us not let this situation in our Country to shape us instead let us shape the situations and make it what it should be, Corruption is a man made problem and can be amended but we waste blood we cannot make. Whoever thinks GOD’s eyes are not seeing what we are going through in this world it’s a BIG lair, remember d book of Revelation 22 vs 12, this word is for all man kind if you like believe it or not., let us think before we do. Do not destroy what your Hands cannot make, There’s no Company in this world that manufactures Human Being or Human Blood or even Animal Blood so be careful how you waste that Blood which your Hands cannot make either ways, just be very careful because there is no {am sorry} in HEAVEN, if you have ears, hear what d Word is saying. thank you.

Fortune Jim :stop abusing the entire village. its a pity such a thing happend , My condelences to there family. my prayer for them is let God be there strength and help them to bear there lost. buh plz we should take it easy on Aluu community things like happen almost everyday in Lagos and Aba . some of us our community has done worst than this. plz take it easy on Allu people lets just pray that those responsible for there killings be brought to book

Fieldmarshal Okaymachine :Enough of all this curses we shower on the people of ALUU, they have been existing for centuries yet non of such have ever been heard avoid them, we all feel the same pains coz in one way or the other we are all related I believe so placing curses on them comes back to us directly or indirectly, please lets explore the avenue of dialogue in this issue.

Collins Obi :My fellow Igbo people, it’s a pity that our fellow Igbo brothers were murdered in Aluu land. Our prayers is that those who commited this dastardly act will be fished out and brought to book and may God grant the families of our departed brothers the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss, and grant the departed souls a place in paradise, Amen! Dears fellow Igbos, i want to urge us all to restrain from the vituperations, curses, overflowing anger against the Aluu community and her people. They are still our brothers, sisters and friends. We cannot condemn the entire community bcos of the sins of few. The Aluu comm are sharing in our pains, and as such, we have to temper justice with mercy. I humbly wish to appeal to my brothers and sister to sheath their sword against Aluu comm for peaceful coexistence. Our people are still in Aluu, let us not create more hatred and animosity against each other. God bless the Igbos, Aluus and Nigeria. Nigeria we hail thee!!!

Oguibe Nonso :Bunch of Igboist here are 2 sentimental and self centerd 4 my liking. They reason with their anus. They reason like most stupid women wud do – without weighing the 2 sides or judging from 2 perspectives. Why is everybody venting their anger and venom on Aluu people, just becuz of d actions of few disgruntled elements? Shall we cry more thant the bereavd in this thread? If nt 4 1 thng I wud av unliked this page.

Ifegbo Pachez De Molay mtcheeew! Most comments here are more like ‘Nigerians and toothless media ranting. The bible would summarily say, ‘I God, will not destroy the city if atleast one soul in it is found innocent’. If those commenting on this page are granted rare privilege of becoming gods, they would destroy aluu community just because of few misguided human beings. Lets not allow emotions flare, else we might end up doing worse than aluu. ADMIN enough of the aluu update

Ifekandu Anolefo :With what I’m seeing here,98 percent here have same aluu kind of mind,die,kill.fire,genaration,tunder,dis dat,wat then make u different?

Joe Eri :Gbam Samuel, u are damn right. I wunt 4 one day sopot d kilin of dos guys but, has any body bodad 2 ask these ppl what actualy hapend? Why is everybody shoutin Aluu Aluu Aluu. For God’s sake, what wil these guy be doin in a place they don’t liv or hav friends by 1am? It might even intrest u 2 no dat d ppl dat killd these boys were strangers. And they’v bin arestd, only one man from d vilage was arestd cos he is the vilage chief. Aluu is a peaceful place anybody can liv and do busines. Pls, u ppl shud stop dis madnes on fb.


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