Forced Entry

Touching story, and the reality is this happens in our society, lots of guys think it ok to rape ladies because they are in relationship, lots of women have lost their virginity through rape, lots have become men haters, some even lesbians, and no one is speaking out against such, rapists need to be reported, because they go on to rape other ladies, we need to help fight for ladies that are ashamed to fight for fear of stigma, and rather stigmatize rapists, this story shows the power of a curse, but we have to go beyond curses, we have to cast evil men away from us until they repent

Tush Mbeke

“Please don’t do it” she pleaded “please”. She tried to struggle out of his grip but he had her firmly pinned under him, and with his legs forced her’s open. “Please emma please, oh my God” she said in between sobs. She had known she would loose her virginity soon but not like this, not by force and certainly not here and now but it seemed it was going to happen anyway and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She had been playing with fire since and it was time to get burnt she thought.

“Hold still you little worm” he said. “I’ll hit you if you don’t stop moving”. She was not going to give up so easily and she made that known by trying to bite him. He slapped her hard across the cheek and that drove home the point. She lay still and let…

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