Orgasms through the Breasts R PG35

Yeap! sex is still a taboo for discuss in this part of the world, at least in the open, not in the dark where guys brag about how many women they have laid to their fellow brag right champions, yeap guys do talk about it, forget whatever promise he made to you that no one will know, he would tell his guys how he got you and how you screamed or did not, places or positions, how long it lasted, how many orgasms you had(if at all), both the real and the fake… well I guess you women have been doing that already so dont be shocked that men(boys fits better) get together and do same, but in the dark, not in the open, maybe in chat rooms, blackberry groups, facebook groups etc. funny thing is even guys with little or no experience can brag and make fun of others for their lack in education on sex, even those with numerous experiences feel they are kings in bed, unknown to them there is actually a difference in being satisfied and satisfying their woman, how do I know? well lets just say I have lots of female friends and they gist me about their frustrations(not all oh), I am also a certified peer education trainer(seriously now), i was trained to listen to people talk about sex(somehow that does not sound right)

Anyways thats suppose to be an intro, funny thing is I just wanted to share a link to my friends blog, she has been reading the 50 shades of grey book(I have not) and she shared on her blog my kinda topic 😀 SEX, not hidden, religious angle aside, sex education should be promoted, religious angle brought back, but with caution, lets talk sex, lets get to know truths from lies, and stop certain people thinking they got shortchanged or that the grass is greener on the other side, or their are no consequences to how they treat sex

The female body is a wonderland, with lots of sensual spots, although most women have common sensual spots, but each still happen to be unique, and like I tried to share in my friends blog, there is a part of the female anatomy that is untapped and the breast(nipple) stimulation to orgasms is not so knew, but thats another topic for another day

For now get to appreciate the original link on Orgasms through the breasts

and also let me know if I should elaborate on certain issues raised here 🙂

happy reading

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3 Responses to Orgasms through the Breasts R PG35

  1. Orgasms of the breast? For real! Hmm I’d like to experience it tho. Food for thought.

  2. Vera Ezimora says:

    CK, thank you so much for quoting me! 🙂

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