Breast Cancer FAQ

Ladies, here are some Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about breast cancer! And the men may wish to pass it on to their mother wives & sisters. God bless u.

Q – I am below 35, why can’t I do a mammogram?

A – If u r below 35, you don’t need a mammogram just yet. You only need to examine ur self every month and attend screening every 2-3 years. We can however ask u to do a mammogram (or ultrasound scan) if we discover a lump during the breast examination.

Q – Will breast cancer always have to start as a painful lump?

A – For breast cancer to develop, it has to start as a lump. But the lump doesn’t have to be painful. And that’s why women must examine themselves!

Q – So, if a lump is discovered, does that mean the woman has cancer?

A – No. Once a lump is detected (either thru self examination, physical screening or mammogram screening), we now do more tests to confirm if it is malignant (cancerous) or benign (not cancer).

Q – What are the chances of survival if a cancerous lump is discovered in the breast?

A – If cancer is detected early, the woman has a higher chance of surviving the treatments and the risk of spreading to other organs (including the other breast) is reduced.

Kindly re-broadcast as show of your social responsibility to help fight the scourge of breast cancer.

:::::Thank You::::::::

***This Q & A was designed by Dr Femi Olaleye of Optimal Cancer Care Foundation as part of efforts to mark the global month of breast cancer awareness!

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