Man : Hunter/Gardener part2

Man : Hunter/Gardener part2 continuation from

We may argue that the first Adam failed because he ate the apple the first eve gave him, but that was because he failed even in his task as a gardener.

He failed to tender the most important garden, the most important gift to him, his wife…

His wife also failed in her task, you might have heard it said that a woman is a cover to her husband, and any enemy of the man can attack him by compromising his woman.

Stay with me, if the man is not a hunter but a gardener, and the woman is not a prey but a gift, a garden, does it not still make the woman passive?

We would come back to that question, lets go on to the other character in the creation story called the serpent, the most subtle of all creatures, subtle;”making use of clever and indirect methods to achieve something”

Sounds like something a hunter would do, and guess who the prey is? Yeah, not the man, but the woman.

Studies show that women suffer more depression as they age than their male counterparts, part of the reason for this, aside from hormonal/emotional imbalance, I’ve linked it to boredom… Ladies looking for happiness outside than from within, hence majority are curious, adventurous, etc

There is nothing wrong in needing excitement now and then, but ladies(and some guys) have to wake up to the reality of life, life can’t be always exciting, it can’t always be sunny, and no human being can continuously sustain your happiness, we all have to learn to deal with it, especially ladies, otherwise you will continue to become prey to the hunters,serpent…

That’s the work of the woman, not to be passive as a prey, but to be a lady in waiting for her gardener, by building her self to be a proper cover for her man, not to fall for every hunter, but to wait for her gardener by rejecting men who disregard her creator, and who disregard her parents and who disregard her

The 1st Adam failed in his task in nurturing his wife and the wife failed in her task to be a cover for her husband, where was Adam when Eve was gisting with the serpent on social media(it could have been anywhere)? And when she brought the fruit to him, why did he not scold her? And let her know that God the creator surpasses the ideology of serpents or other subtle creatures or hunters?

Back to reality, we have more hunters and even scavengers than gardeners, being a hunter may not really be a bad thing if the hunter can stop hunting as soon as he gets his garden to tend, but chances are that it is much more easier to stop a habit of hunting like smoking, by not starting in the first place and giving excuse for the habit… I.e everyone is doing it, that’s the way I was made, I can’t help it…

I have spoken about the 1st Adam, but there is a 2nd Adam , a better role model for men looking for definition of manhood, this Adam was a gardener as well and He was clear on relationship issues

To be continued…

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