Odd News last week in September

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Odd news making headlines this week:

Just weeks after a woman in Delta state reportedly gave birth to a horse-like creature in a church, yet another case of a bizarre birth has been recorded in Jigawa state. This week, a woman reportedly gave birth a neckless baby with goat-like legs. The story is indeed hard to believe but the photo evidence is compelling. This photo shows the baby with no defined facial features, translucent skin around his protruding stomach and feet that look like goat hoofs. The story is not confirmed, but that photograph is worth a thousands words.

Yesterday Police in Nigeria said a 75-year-old herbalist was arrested on allegations of possessing human skulls.

Ibadan police said Ahmed Akekaka was arrested after investigators discovered two human skulls stored in a container at his home in Apete, a suburb of Ibadan, The Nation reported Friday.

Investigators said Akekaka admitted the objects belonged to him, but he denied they were human skills.

Police spokesman Daniel Oboyi said the skulls have been sent to a lab to confirm whether they came from humans.

Hong Kong Billionaire Father Offers £40 million To Turn Lesbian Daughter Straight

Hong Kong businessman, Cecil Chao Sze-Tsung has offered to pay £40 million to any smart man who can woo his daughter, Gigi from her Lesbian lover.

76-year-old Cecil Chao Sze-Tsung who is a popular playboy claimed to have slept with over 10,000 women. He made headlines this week after offering HK$500 million marriage bounty on learning his daughter Gigi had a church wedding with her girlfriend in France.

The ladies man, who is chairman of property development firm Cheuk Nang Holdings, has never married and is known for his love of Rolls-Royces and for being a qualified helicopter pilot – a skill he shares with Gigi, who is one of three children he has had by three different women.

Woman Catches Maid Sucking Blood From Child’s Nose

In a shocking bloodsucking incident, a house help from Gwabalanda area in Bulawayo Zimbabwe has betrayed her boss’s trust after she was caught sucking blood from the nose of her 4-year-old child.

The mother (name withheld to protect the identity of the child) revealed that she got a tip-off from her neighbour after she had heard her child screaming in pain at the same time everyday. Sinanzeni Moyo, employed as a baby-sitter, had worked for the woman for two months.

“A neighbour came to me one weekend asking about my relationship with Sinanzeni(the maid). I told her that she was doing her duties well and the only problem we had was that my daughter was afraid of her,” said the mother of the baby.

The neighbour reportedly informed her that everyday at around 9am, she usually would her her daughter screaming.

“We then agreed that on Monday, I will unexpectedly return home at around nine to check on what would be taking place to my daughter. I kept quiet about the matter and on Monday I got home at around 9.15am and proceeded to the bedroom. As fate would have it, my daughter was crying loud such that Sinanzeni never heard me opening the doors. I caught her busy sucking blood from my daughter’s nostrils,” she explained.

The baffled woman said she shouted at the maid but she continued ‘feasting’ on the child’s blood and only stopped when she hit her with an open hand on the face.

“Surprisingly, Sinanzeni pretended as if everything was okay and before I could ask her what she was doing, she threatened me. She told me that I should never say a word to anyone about the incident if ever I still wanted to see another day with my daughter. In the evening, I visited my neighbour and told her what I had discovered. When we confronted the maid about the issue, she walked out on us saying she did not owe us any explanation,” said the child’s mother.

The neighbour confirmed the incident, adding that they suspected that Sinanzeni gave them wrong details and her phone was no longer reachable.

“I guess that maid was a Satanist and now we do not even know where to look for her and her phone is unreachable. At least she left that family alive,” said the neighbour.

Man Murders Wife After Discovering She Used To Be A Man

A 40 year old, British business mogul identified as Chris Collier has murdered his Russian bride after a shocking discovery that upset him.

According to DailyMail report, Collier battered his 35 year old wife, Julia before suffocating her to death after he discovered she used to be a man.

Chris allegedly murdered Julia in their apartment in Kusadasi, Aegean, Turkey.

Chris Collier has now has been jailed for 24 years after a trial in his adopted country, where he ran an estate agent and his wife worked as a lounge singer in hotel bars.Collier, originally from Rownall, Staffordshire, was a key figure in the Phones4U empire before emigrating to Turkey in the late 1990s.

He was one of the first salesmen tycoon John Caudwell employed when he was setting up his mobile phone business, which he went sold for a staggering £1.46 billion in September 2006.

After Mrs Collier’s murder, detectives probed the couple’s relationship amid claims her husband ‘bought’ his bride on the internet, and she had undergone a sex change.

Postings in an internet forum used by expat Brits claimed to be Collier.

One said: ‘I paid for my wife and then moved to Kusadasi in my rented apartment.’ It went on to add that the woman ‘used to be a bloke’.

Speaking at the time of his arrest, Mr Caudwell said: ‘Chris was one of my first salesman when I was starting out, so I remember him well. He was a good salesman and became a sales manager.

‘It is shocking to hear he has been arrested for murder. It’s shocking to hear about any murder.’Collier was arrested the day after the death on November 27, 2010.

During his trial, the court heard he had knocked his wife unconscious with a hard object before smothering her.

A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: ‘We are aware that a British national was sentenced to 24 years imprisonment in Turkey on August 6.

‘We will continue to provide consular assistance to him and his family here in the UK.’A friend of Collier, who did not want to be named, said the couple had been married for a number of years, but had no children.

Nigerian Man Who Married Two Zimbabwean Women In 4 Days Faces Deportation

A Nigerian man identified as Henry Inedoro is currently facing deportation for marrying two Zimbabwean women in four days .

46-year-old Henry was reportedly deported few years back under the name of George Asinayo before sneaking back into the country.

He appeared before a judge in Harare few days ago and pleaded guilty to bigamy and perjury.

He has been fined for $100 and jailed for 20 days.

He is set to be deported after serving his jail term.

Demonic-Looking Beasts Reportedly Killed At Madonna University

According to an email from supposed students of Madonna University, Ebele campus in Rivers State, Nigeria, two monster beasts were killed at the University.

Below is the email:

“On Wednesday two demonic looking creatures were killed by security operatives within Madonna University Elele campus, a smaller one was first spotted close to a uncompleted building, security operative attacked and killed it, hours later a bigger more fierce looking beast was also spotted … Most people said it came for revenge , I personally cannot say what it came for but it was also killed.”

Man caught having sex with a sheep in Ebonyi

On Tuesday, A 46-year-old man, Kelechi Nnali, has been arrested for having carnal knowledge of a sheep at Ndibe, Afikpo North Local Government of Ebonyi State.

The man, who is married with two wives and children, was caught red handed having sex with the sheep along the road.

The Nigerian Compass gathered that when Nnali was caught in the act, he pleaded with the boy who saw him not to tell anybody and promised to give him N10,000.

Immediately, he gave the boy N500 as an advance payment and gave his phone as collateral until he completes the balance.

Source said trouble started when the man refused to comply with the agreement to pay the balance of N9,500 to the boy who revealed the secret to the community leaders.

Nnali was summoned immediately by the elders.

Initially, he denied the allegation but later confessed.

The elders took him to the Ogo Ezinwachi play ground Ndibe where delicate and public matters are usually discussed in the community.

Nnali was sanctioned according to the law of the land for committing an abomination.

To cleanse the land, the elderly women of the community performed a traditional ablution in Kelechi’s compound.

It would be recalled that a 56-year-old Nchekwa Onu and a 27-year-old man were recently caught in Ohaozara council area of the state for having sex with goats.

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