how to physically reclaim your virginity this link would take you to the main article by a lady blogger I admire… verastically livin’ blog

I have heard about how women can fake virginity, well there is an actual pack used to fool guys into thinking they were with a virgin, you see this just proves that virginity is still important even in this era of promiscuity, for ladies and even scientist to go through the stress of recliaming virginity, makes one wonder why lots of ladies(and guys) are encouraged to loose it as if it is not important, even if lost for whatever reason, sleeping around is not something to be proud off, especially among ladies, society has not been fair on women, you dont have to make more mistakes casting your pearls before pigs who dont value you, keep yourself for the person that would appreciate you in total and for God who sees you and loves you. stop trying to please these men who don’t see monogamy possible, but if indeed you dont mind sleeping around, then be proud of it and stop trying to fake virginity

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  2. Vera Ezimora says:


    Thank you do much for reading my blog … And for admiring me. Thank you! And I’m with you, women shouldn’t sleep around (neither should men), but if they insist on doing so, they should do so with pride. Well spoken.

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