Sweet Poison ~ by Nichel Khan

 sweet poison

         A path guided it hurt,to deviate an abomination. In fear was dreaded without understanding but expectation held by a concept and view and bound to keep. Without notice,accustomed to it without thought. Embedded within created a god dat needed to be broken. Drank from the cup of life and a cupful He allowed till it was broken,in the brokeness,was beat down,I cried and understood why and became new…a heartfelt triumph. Allowed to feel a little,then came along my sweet poison,deceitful as it was the attraction stronger. Kept you in the secret cellar where even the most meticulous eyes couldnt find. Caution always kept me from you but tonight with the winds caution went. An elegant dress,simple make-up,a breath taking view,a meal with no audience just us. Then the sip,the taste sweet but felt something leave,should have paused but was intoxicated. Finished a glass just a glass for the first date,then a second date and a third…What have you done to yourself they asked but am still the same,suddenly a walk pass a mirror. Oh sweet poison,look what I let you do to me…defaced,without essence,ashamed&almost lifeless…Though you were fulfilling at the moment but now you return back to your place,not to be drawn to a reminder to what you are sweet poisons

nichel khan


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