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zoompaintearswoman-d68a9ededf86ffb51a4272d0e369fe20_hShe walks with her head held high,
Always has a smile for everyone,
Her long sleeve dresses and designer sunglasses make her look like she steps out of a movie set everyday.
She says “hello” and “hi” and she makes you think of Christmas when she laughs.

She stops by her colleagues’ tables for a little chat before she heads to hers.
She has these white earphones she uses every time, and she hums as she works.

Did I mention she is punctual?
She never keeps you waiting, her job is done on time.
Smart,intelligent,fun,pretty and patient.
Everyone wants to be like her.

The women want her home,her husband; the men envy her husband. She’s the epitome of a good partner and worker.
Goes straight home after work.

She listens to her friends complain about their homes and in-laws,
And she always has an advice for each person.
She is…

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