Have you guys heard about BoobThursday? R PG25


There is something facinating about a woman’s breast, that makes lots of men turn heads at the slight mention, I bet you this post would get more clicKs than my previous inspiring posts, just because of the mention of boobs… trending on twitter was the #tag #boobthursday never heard about it till yesterday, and was warned by a  blacKberry contact not to venture there if I did not want to go blind, well for curiousity saKe and for documentation purposes I had to risK my life(more of my eyes) to get you this gist.ImageIt was boob celebration, but some ladies decided to go totally Nude, some were wise to crop out their faces, but then if you are tweeting a nude pic without your face from your handle… like duh! Its not rocKet science,people are going to put a face to it eventually(I miss the “dunno”BB smiley) you could argue its not you(like a shaggy song), but then why would you tweet another persons faceless nude pic? for followership?popularity?attention?false advertising?

Apparently, boob thursday is an opportunity for women or rather girls to expose their boobs and since its a free country, and lots of ladies are generous, especially in our part of the world were we like to “copy copy” “follow follow”(especially the bad things) we had a good celebration, and from what I heard twitter also got tired of the exhibition and decided to suspend some accounts.

I have a theory about why women are generous with their sKin exposure, oK its more than one…

1. They feel unpretty

2. They feel unloved

3. They really feel powerful controlling men(at least their erections)

4. They want to get bacK at society/family/church

5. They actually believe in philosophies/ideologies like “if you have it flaunt it” “You Only Live Once(YOLO)” “its my life” “its no ones buisness”

I was not sure of publishing this post, because of public opinion, was not even sure of a suitable topic, how would I sound … judgemental? or encouraging? I love ladies, and believe they hold the key to a better world, because the mother of a man is a woman, and if women keep their dignity, more men with dignity would be raised, but if they loose it?

“1880: Girls got undressed for their husbands, 1995: Girls got undressed for money, 2012:Girls get undressed for likes on facebook&twitter “ culled from a lady I’ve shared a note on this blog… Anita C. Herbert

But someone has to shout out before it gets worse, heard it started with no makeup Tuesday, then bra and abs Wednesday, boob and a$$ Thursday and today D!cK Friday, but then again, I heard the guys did not tweet their pen!s pics, makes you wonder really if females cant taKe a hint from their male counterparts, I may actually be late in shouting out, seems the week is over and also the age of innocence…

I know some people are of the opinion and I’m kinda being swayed to tow that line and the line is simply this… Yes we can shout all we want but then these ladies,women, girls would never listen, and coming to think of it, same with nursing mothers who breast feed their babies in public and women who wear revealing tops advertising their endowment … and also… someone tell that guy below to please put on a shirt…


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