I’m fine

She walks with her head held high,
Always has a smile for everyone,
Her long sleeve dresses and designer sunglasses makes her look like she steps out of a movie everyday.
She says “hello” and “hi” and she makes you think of christmas when she laughs.

She stops by her colleagues’ tables for a little chat before she heads ² hers.
She has these white earphones she uses every time, and she hums as she works.
She never keeps you waiting, her job is done on time.
Did I mention she’s ever punctual?
Yes,she is.
Smart,intelligent,fun,pretty and patient.
Everyone wants to be like her, she’s the epitome of a good partner and worker.
Goes straight home after work.

She listens to her friends complain about their homes and in-laws,
And she always has an advice for each person.
She is their solid ground.
She laughs at their jokes and teases them when they go wrong.
She never raises her voice at anyone.
Everyone wishes to be like her.

She goes home to a jobless and nagging husband whose psychotic mother stays with them.
She has to pay the bills and help the children with their home-work,
She cooks and cleans.
She is a nanny to 3 children of 8,6 and 3;an 86year old woman and a grown man
Plus she is his punching bag.

On one of those ordinary days, he comes home drunk and she rushes the kids to bed. She serves his food,he says its cold and he reprimands her like he always does.
But it seems it’s different today,
She is not moving.

Everyone is confused,”why didn’t she say something?”A general question.
But they all agreed to this,
They never asked why she always had on sunglasses.
They never asked why her sleeves were always wrist length,
Or why she had sweaters on when they visited.
To them,she was stylish.
She was a happy woman.
She had a good job.
She had 3 beautiful children and a quiet husband.

Do we ever try to look a little closer?
Have we ever tried going an extra mile for a friend?
Have we ever tried being persistent just to be a friend?
Do we look beyond the beautiful smiles and elegant clothes?

Do we look for the unspoken words in “I am fine.”

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