Virtuous Women do get Married! ~ by yet to be identified writer

Virtuous Women do get married!

I attended a wedding last week and came to this firm conclusion. Virtuous includes purity and this is the angle I am coming from. One look at the lady and you could see purity emanating from her. Now I know some brides are actresses when it comes to display of shyness (make everybody think say I be good girl) but this? This was genuine.

It got me thinking, so good girls are not outdated like majority of the male folks would have unsuspecting females think. No they are not. They may not come a dime a dozen but there are quite a number of them who hold on to their values. Which brings me to the GOOD MEN…

There are good men. I say so with all the authority I can muster. These good men fall under several categories (I will mention only a few). There are the good men who know they want good women and wait until they get those women. There are good men who are gullible and unsuspecting and they fall into the trap of ‘bad’ women (thus the phrase, good men marry bad girls and bad men marry good women). Then there are the good men who are so scared to try, they probably have no faith in women seeing the ‘bad kind’ they may have been exposed to. With these ones, na God go help save them and when he does the ‘good’ woman would have to show that she is worth it. Which brings me to the next point. WORTH

Many of the female folk forget what they are worth. This could be due to the trend of fashion, luxury and its appurtenances, economic situations …the list is exhaustive. We simply forget who we are and settle for anything. Most of us have forgotten how to say NO.

No means I do not want something, YES on the other hand means I want something. Good men with all their goodness may attempt to see how far you would go (which does not make them any less good) but it is your ability to put him in his place by taking a stance on what you want and don’t want. Sadly many of us say yes or assent to certain things even when we do not want it. This is to please the other party, that is the male or to meld into society (Arrghhh, the pain of standing out from the crowd). Remember a double minded girl is unstable in all her ways.

A man would only go as far as you let him, GOOD or BAD man except in the extreme cases like rape or all the other evil antics men come up with. When you say no and mean it, he will have no choice but to respect it and you for that matter. A man respects a woman who can make up her mind and be decisive. This brings me to the GOOD BRIDE.

She was enviable on that day and even the years before that. It was so obvious that her wait paid off. She served as a pointer to those who decide to stay chaste before marriage. She made discerning women know that indeed there is a good man out there for those who wait. Mark you, she was not old o, as many people would like to think. Matured? yes. Old? No. Beautiful? Exquisitely!

My end point? Ladies do not be badgered into acceding to a man’s selfish desire because you feel pressured or you think that he would leave you for another or because there is a lie going around that ‘men are scarce’ (smh). There are good men and good women too. It may take a little while but patience pays off. In the meantime, say NO to what you don’t want. It is your body and no one has a right to it save YOU and YOUR CREATOR

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  3. ann says:

    Wow! I thank God for dis site. May God continual giv u guys d inspiration 2 write and share ur stories. This site has rily uplifted my spirit.

    • cknaija says:

      Glad to know you are inspired 🙂 please keep following and encourage others as well by sharing the messages, on your social media platforms

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