The world ends 2012 but let me digress a little ~ by yet to be identified writer

The world ends 2012 but let me digress a little ~ by yet to be identified writer

Yes I just got to watch 2012, and it really was worth the hype, but I can’t just stop there like a lot of people do, scream, wail, become Chicken Little raise hands while running around and start shouting, the sky is falling!!! the sky is falling!!! ok maybe a little!

I have come across many types of people in this (not too short) life I have lived, the fine and the not so fine, the rich and the not so rich, the good and the not so good(i guess you already get the picture)…

no be say i dey blow trumpet but people I’m ok and i think everyone who takes time to read this should be too, you don’t have to be too fine,too rich, too good to be appreciated, whatever you are, you are OK(not to say there is no room for improvement, there would always be) life is too short to be unhappy for not achieving whatever you have been wired to believe you need to achieve, a lot of people are just existing and not living, especially in my country Nigeria, where people wake as early as 4/5am in the morning to beat traffic to get to their work place by 7/8am close by 5/6pm get home by 9/10pm all in the name of getting an income(even if it is minimum wage), at least it is better than being jobless, abi?

But of what good is all these when you don’t make out time to be with those who matter to you, even a flash goes a long way to tell that person, I still have your number on my phone.

But the ones I feel pity for the most are the Sadists, they have no one they can even make out time for, no one to flash, to call, because all they have ever done is to break all level of trust with everyone who had ever extended a hand of love, even as i write this note, they are busy making someone feel bad with nasty comments(vulgar or just plain old harsh remarks), some feel they have friends because they have managed to find other sadists like themselves, and sometimes they maybe lucky, to have some people in their lives who know nothing about their sadistic tendencies, if you happen to be one well I’m happy for you, God still loves you.

Wait did i just use the G word, some people just got offended, yes certain people who are annoyed by the mere mention of God(The Creator) would prefer a totally circular world where Materialism reigns supreme, and thoughts of a Higher Supreme Being treated as mere mythology after all Humanism as almost brain washed us to believe that for you to be of value in the world you have to be on top of the food chain, and if you ever fall short then you are simply worthless, Christianity on the other hand and hopefully some other religions fights this humanistic theory, by shouting out every day, that there is a God and He cares for everyone, especially the down trodden, the poor and the weak and those who are better off are responsible(not in cause and effect now but in care) for them, if you see a person born blind it is not for you to question God on why but rather make yourself available to be the light for that person to see, after all God made you and you are therefore responsible for your other brothers and sisters who lack that which we know is good.

Life is really too short to be hating, if someone has done you evil, forgive them, majority of them are ignorant, they have ears but do not listen, they have eyes but do not read, they have time but are incapable of using it and night commeth soon for us all, we must therefore make hay while the sun shines, be at peace with everyone, if there is anyone that has offended you let them know instead of bad mouthing them and if they refuse to be at peace with you, at least you would have saved your own peace.

Be kind to everyone, some people have entertained angels without knowing and the truth be told, you can never really be sure of anyone but yourself

Alas my soul let us eat and drink for we have worked hard in this life and now the time has come for us to enjoy our wealth, it is God’s plan for you to reap the labour of your hands but do not be foolish to think that your life consists in the abundance of things you posses, a lot of people have been cut short before their time of enjoyment and all the things they stored up whose did they become?

But more importantly how well do you use your possession(s) (your brain, good looks, strength, heart….), your talent for good, to help those who are less fortunate?

Life is really too short, it could end in the next 3years, next year, tomorrow, today … but let us digress a little … NO! Let us STOP! and Reflect, the World Ends Everyday, we have been too busy to notice.

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2 Responses to The world ends 2012 but let me digress a little ~ by yet to be identified writer

  1. Simplyskecha says:

    As the starks of winterfell say, “winter is coming…”

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