News Update: Kate topless/nude pics

News Update taken from Nigeria Info Fb page

Prince William and Princess Katherine have received good news regarding the topless pictures of the Princess whilst on holiday…

Victory for Kate and William in historic French court case as judge blocks further publication of magazine’s ‘intimate’ topless photos:

Kate and William have won a landmark legal case to block further publication of ‘highly intimate’ topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge.

The Royal couple’s lawyers have successfully secured an injunction from a French court preventing the images being spread across the globe by the owners of Closer – the first to publish the naked pictures.

The ruling in Paris this morning means:

Closer France must not print any more copies of its controversial issue and take the topless pictures off its website

The photos cannot be published in any other magazines or papers in France

The photographs cannot be sold by them to anyone else in the world

Closer would get a 10,000 euro daily fine each time they sell them on or publish them

Within 24 hours the offending pictures must be handed over to the Palace

Legal fees of 2,000 euros handed to the Duke and Duchess

At the start of the unprecedented court case in Paris, barrister Aurelien Hammelle evoked memories of Princess Diana’s ordeal at the hands of paparazzi as he said a photographer had violated Kate’s privacy, adding she is a ‘young woman, not an object’.

Judges today agreed the magazine must ‘give back’ the equipment on which the digital photos were stored and banned the images from sale in France or abroad within 24 hours. Legal fees of 2000 euros were also awarded to the Royal couple.

Closer magazine will now have to pay a 10,000 euros daily fine if photos of the Duchess of Cambridge are re-published.

The Duke and Duchess have also filed a criminal complaint under France’s privacy laws which could see Closer fined up 36,000 pounds and its editor serve up to a year in prison. And they have filed against ‘persons unknown’, referring to the photographer, who has not yet been identified.

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