Jerks vs Good Guys

This is exactly why they say good guys finish last, and why good guys are becoming scarce, no guy wants to finish last and hence the evolution of nice guys to jerks… which explains why lots of relationships are crashing

Tush Mbeke

Why are women attracted to jerks and complain to no end how badly they’ve (women) been treated by them (jerks)? That is the question on every “nice guy’s” mind. Well I will attempt an explanation at this phenomenon that is slowly creeping in and taking the place of the norm in relationships.
This discussion is in no way exhaustive but rather a good overview as to why things are the way they are. So below are five major reasons why women date and are continually attracted to jerks.

1). Jerks are self-centered.
One of the big things a Jerk has going for him is that he really doesn’t care about other people. In fact, his focus is almost entirely on his own pleasures, thoughts, and feelings. Because of this, when he sees something he wants, he goes after it! When your average “nice guy” sees a hot girl, he might…

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