French magazine, Closer, published topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. The photos were taken while Kate and William were on private holiday last week in France.

Once again I had to censor some parts of the nudity, the world seems to have gone gaga crazy with Nudity, the pictures bring to light an interesting debate, the royals are not fnding it funny and I would not blame them, this is serious invasion of privacy and the magazine ought to have been careful at least in censorship, their arguement is that Kate should have known she was in public view, and anyone could    have seen them or taken a pic and if they did not care, then why now? it would make an interesting watch to see how this goes…


On a lighter note, in Nigeria we are gradually becoming accustomed to PDA, people making out in the cinema, backseat of a bus, at the bustop, beach, parties…etc. in public, instead of staring or thinking in our minds(get a room) would taking a pic with our phones and sharing on social media be an infringement of privacy? These are really interesting times

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One Response to    KATE MIDDLETON’s NUDE Pictures

  1. D mag shuld b sued jor.this is serious invasion of privacy.although kate shuld av been more careful.

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