10 signs that he is not Husband material by Aline Neal 

husband materialby Aline Neal 


Sure he’s sweet and charismatic and maybe even REALLY handsome, but is your dream man really marriage material? If you happen to look at the marriage statistics you will notice that 50%, that’s half of all marriages end up in divorce. And let me tell you from what I’ve seen and experienced, you really haven’t felt PAIN until you’ve been divorced! That’s an extremely high percentage, so it is definitely more important then ever to watch for signs that your man is a dead beat.

I have compiled 10 signs for woman, especially those who have no clue when it comes to their supposed other half:

#1. FRIENDS & FAMILY– He avoids having you meet them. This is usually a really bad sign, but most woman would think nothing of it. His friends are usually a sign of what he is like, and this may scare him because he doesn’t want you to know what he is really like. Also if he avoids having you meet his family,you will notice they either have horror stories of him or he is scared to let you see what kind of family he grew up with. More often then not, its because he has something to hide and he does NOT want you to find out his dirty little secrets, and let me tell you there could be lot’s of them!

#2. PROMISES– He can’t keep one! He promises to call but doesn’t, he promises to pay you back but doesn’t, I could go on forever on this topic! However all you need to know is that if your man can’t keep a promise, don’t expect him to be there When something really important happens and you need him, he will vanish like David Copperfield. That means if you’ve had a fight with your mother, he’ll be nowhere to be found or God forbid if someone passed away in your family, good luck getting support. Constant Broken promises are definitely a huge warning sign that your guy is not reliable!

#3. INTUITION– Always trust your intuition,it will never lead you astray! If you feel like hes conning you or if you feel that he may be cheating on you, then you need to give him the boot. If your always wondering where he is and he’s never anywhere to be found or if you have some instinct telling you that something is just not right then you need to get out of there,Listen to yourself, 9 out of 10 times if you trust your intuition,your more then likely right!

#4. CHEATING– Does he email other woman? Has he not taken down his profile on that dating site? Have you heard others say he was with another woman? Does he smell like perfume? Or does he come home really late? There are no second chances when it comes to cheating. If he has cheated on you even once, there is NO excuse! He will do it again and your trust will be gone, so you need to stop wasting your time! Get yourself on track and leave him go ruin his own life because he just missed out on the best thing that could have ever happened to him, YOU!

#5. MONEY– Does he just want to borrow $50 here and $20 there? But then you never happen to see it and when you ask for it, he tells you he’s just really having a hard time. You are not his HOOCHIE MAMA and if you start giving in to him then he will take as much as he can get! Give him the Olympic toss before its too late and he ends up taking you for everything else as well!

#6. COMMITMENT PHOBE– There are some men who will make you feel so desirable and so loved and then 10 years goes by and still no wedding, no marriage. He gives you every excuse, not enough money, not enough time, blah blah blah blah blah! After 2 years if there is no commitment, then you need to set an ultimatum. It might sound cruel, it might sound wrong but no commitment will only leave you heartbroken in the end. Usually men of this type have issues with being hooked to one woman! Be prepared to walk away if you have to. The only way he is going to ever get over this is by seeing a counselor and if he is not ready to do that,then out the door goes your chances but not if you send him out the door FIRST!

#7. ADDICT & OR ABUSIVE NATURE– If you have set yourself up with an addict, whether that be gambling, drugs or an alcoholic, you might want to just end this NOW. You can’t fix these people nor should you try! They can only help themselves and they will only leave you broke, emotionally broking down and physically exhausted and beaten down. Its best to leave them behind and seek a counselor for yourself so that you can understand why you are attracting this type. These people DO NOT change easily, so beware!

#8. SEX– Hes only around when he wants something and it isn’t when needs his laundry done either! He wants a booty call and when he gets it, you don’t see him for days at a time till the next booty call. More then likely you are not his only sexual play thing. Your body is your temple, it would do you best to protect it from men that are of this type.

#9. RESPECT & TRUST– If he puts you down in front of people or calls you fat then you need to lay him OUT on a STRETCHER! Just kidding! But you do need to show him the front door. If you treat yourself with love and respect, people will take notice of that and would not dare to treat you this way. Treat yourself like the gem that you are and he will too! If he doesn’t, you know what to do. The same goes for trust, if he doesn’t trust you and hes still carrying past issues with him, its not for you to be constantly reassuring him! Its his problem to fix and he will need professional help for sure.

#10. HIS CHARACTER– If his general character isn’t good then don’t expect him to be a great guy. If he lies, steals, puts people down and or has no back bone,you really do not want to set yourself up with this type of man. If he doesn’t treat his mother good then more then likely you will end up being treated exactly the same way. Watch for signs, if he treats the waiter/waitress like they are beneath him and he takes advantage then he will treat you the same way. You want someone who will say please and thank you, someone who won’t expect you to be perfect, someone who doesn’t call woman names. Watch for what you settle for!

When it comes to marriage material, you need to truly be careful, you need to guard your heart and soul, you can’t just let anyone walk all over you. As woman we tend to make up excuses for the man that we think may be our DREAM MAN, but in reality its always right before our eyes, we just choose rather to see it or not. Its always a good idea to keep your head out of the clouds when your contemplating marriage. After all you don’t want to marry a DEADBEAT!

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5 Responses to 10 signs that he is not Husband material by Aline Neal 

  1. Wonderful write up,I learnt a lot from it.

  2. jumoke says:

    I’m impressed its so true. We so badly want to get married that once a man shows up in our lives we don’t test him like we would a friend or potential employee. Especially in this country were women and childrens rights are next to none existent, we need to be doubly sure a man is worth the title of “Husband”. Excellent write up CK please keep them coming.

  3. collins says:

    This is a good read.I just hope some girls can be a little bit careful 2 know who 2 date n evntually who 2 marry..love it.

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