Different species of men around you~ by Evangelist Abbey


You may be lucky to have good men around you but another essential thing is to be able to recognise them; and this may be a very difficult research because we all know “occupied barrel doesn’t make noise” As it is prominent for man to search for a virtuous woman so it is vital for a woman to be able to identify a good man.

let us look at the species of good men around you.

1.) kind and compassionate men:

He has human feelings, it grieves him to see his fellow human being suffer. He will not inconvenient you to make himself comfortable. His words are like a balm that heals your wounds. whenever a woman is hurt or in pain he is not happy about it. He is always looking for a way to make a woman happy.

2.) Honest men:

He doesn’t pretend, He’s first impression lasts and he means every word that he says. He admits his areas of weaknesses.

3.) Hard-working men:

He rises up early to make ends meet, he will not depend on his brother abroad or his rich father. He is diligent with his business in the office and in the Church. He believes in studying hard to gain more knowledge.

4.) Truthful men:

He tells you the truth of the matter even if it will make him loose his reputation.

5.) Self-controlled men:

He can control his appetite for food and sex, He is reserved in his speech.

6.) Gentle men:

He will not get angry with you when you are angry. He will never shout at a woman. He will never pass his boundary unless you permit him. He will not force his own opinion or decision on you.

7.) Generous men:

He gives freely without hoping to have sex with a woman. He gives to the poor, and he gives to the kingdom of God.

8.) Humble men:

He is willing to be corrected (even by his wife) and listens to counsel.

To be continued tomorrow…

With love,

ѕιяє & AbbeyG

To be continued tomorrow……

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