“Let’s make ridicule of the Ignorant” by CkNaija

“Let’s make ridicule of the Ignorant” by CkNaija

“The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing.” Socrates

The reason the world is in a mess is not just because of the people(usually a minority) creating the mess, but the people(usually Majority) who do nothing but complain rather than helping to clean up the mess or prohibiting further re-occurrence. Part of the reason people feel powerless, is due to lack of information (ignorance is a harsher word), another reason maybe fear of death and another fear of stigmatisation for daring to be different.

We are all ignorant and to be ignorant of this is to be even worse than being ignorant. I do not know all things and will never know all things, but there are things I do know and most of what I do know, I learnt from others, and I try also to share.

There is an attitude I’ve come across which pains me when I see it exhibited by people, and that is trying to impose shame on others for being ignorant, this attitude kills the morale of people that want to learn, that need to ask questions, that are in shackles of the shame associated with lacking important information. It makes me understand to an extent why certain people would pretend to know certain things rather than admit their ignorance for fear of being ridiculed. This fear of being ridiculed has helped push some of us to getting answers independently of others, most through trial by error and mistakes.

Growing up(not that I’ve finished growing :D), I always wished someone could feed me with the right information, but now that I’ve survived certain stages, its only fair I lend a helping hand to those in need of same help, the world would be a whole lot better if we shared the right information.

There is no shame in lacking information, don’t let anyone mock you on that, I won’t mock you, but more importantly please don’t mock others either, we all belong to this circle of life(think Disney’s Lion King), we all were once ignorant, and even though some people are unteachable, I believe a lot want to learn, so instead of hindering them, lets help make them more comfortable.

Let’s help make the world a better place by sharing the right information and being responsible for the information we share

I just shared information 🙂 feel free to share, you could also read up other articles I share via this blog…

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