Three categories of Women by Akin Al Ameen

three“In a relationship all women will fall into 3 categories….

A girl, A material girl, and a real woman

Being a girl is a stage in life of every woman..All the women of today were once upon a girl. A woman who refused to grow up will remain a girl. A girl will never departs from what she is used to before becoming a wife. A girl knows nothing about how to keep a home. She will prefer to eat outside rather than cooking at home. A girl can be rich, educated, beautiful,presentable,hard working but she will lack good morals and what it takes to keep a man. A girl will raise her hopes and standard so high and thinks no man is good enough. She will care less about her personality and attitudes. A girl always complain every time about everything. She loves to be heard but hates to listen. She cry always about how she was used and dump by men instead of changing her ways. She will make the same mistake all the time and expect a change. A girl ignorantly exposed her relationship to everybody thinking she’s taking advice. A girl will stay in a violent relationship and use prayers where action is required. Being a girl is a weakness it takes courage,discipline and determination to change from a girl to a woman. A girl can’t differentiate between a good height and a good heart. A girl can sleep with a man just because he’s good looking or popular. She can marry a wrong guy just because he’s good in bed. A girl always live a fake life and always expecting a real man. Most parents are the reasons their daughters refused to grow. Many parents are raising their kids to become a girl. If your 20something yrs old girl doesn’t know how to cook its all your fault. A girl is impatient. She thinks very little and reacts quickly and later regret for long. She will suspect every move of her husband’s family even when they meant no harm. She will bring to her own house the vengeance of her sister’s or friend failed relationship, and treat her husband badly for the sins he never commits. When a girl behaves badly sometimes its not because she’s bad its because she’s still a girl. A girl is sometimes selfish, stubborn, and short sighted. A girl can do shameful things in public and says its civilization and she’s living her life. She nags always because she always compare her man to other men. A girl needs a patience and matured man to help her know she’s going astray. Every girl needs help to become a woman but no one can help a person that refused to help herself.

A material girl….

Not all beauties are beautiful, beauty is nothing without dignity. The beauty of a woman is never in her looks. A material girl is a frivolous girl\woman who believes in material things to give her love. She’s a wannabe big girl that will do anything to maintain her fake and empty status. She doesn’t know the difference between wants and need. She believes her love is not for free. She puts her hopes in men to survive in life. She will do anything if there’s cash involved. She only functions with benefits. To a material girl relationship is a career and marriage is job. Whoever dates a material girl is on his way to south. No matter how much U try, you can never change or satisfy a material girl. A material girl will do anything to carry designer shoes and bags. She will do anything to be in vogue. She hates to work. Its hard to satisfy a woman who functions on cash alone. Material girls has no business or interest in the future. She wants to have everything right now. A material girl is allergic to endurance. Material girls are always very arrogant and proud because they are always beautiful, and many men are always running after them. Most men will do anything to be in a relationship with a material girl.Wise men don’t date material girls the only place you can find a material girl is in the heart of a foolish man. You can’t break her heart because she doesn’t fall in love. She walks out of love when the benefits has finished. She is a smart woman who can date 5men at the same for different benefits. Her affection and attention is measurable, your financial status will determine how much of her you get. She will dump any man as long as he’s short of cash. You can never waste her time because time is nothing to her. A material girl doesn’t have a life, without a life anyone is dead alive. A material girl is fighting a war against herself. She ruins her life because she lacks control. When old age takes the beauty and ability away, that’s when a material girl realize her life is damaged beyond repair. She lost her happiness to greed n say it’s the devil at work. A woman whose intention was to get money or other benefits from a relationship must be ready to forget her pride and dignity. Without pride, respect and dignity life becomes worthless.

A real woman….

A real woman is a beautiful angel with. She a grown up matured woman regardless of her age. A real woman is a complete package. The best gift any man could have in life. A real woman is ambitious,independent,courageous, loyal, faithful, intelligent, adorable and GOD fearing woman. When a real woman loves a man nobody in this world can love him more. Most men think there are no real women in life again while they are running after material girl. A real woman is dedicated,family oriented, considerate, and patient woman. A real woman doesn’t love without her brain. A real woman doesn’t complain a lot she will observe for a while, and then call her man’s attention to the matter arising. She has two attitudes depending on how your treat her. If U are good she’s an angel and if U bad she can be a bitch and put U where U need to be. A real woman never reacts until she’s been pushed to D wall. A real woman will measure her man’s worth by his level of Wisdom and the fear of God and how disciplined he can be towards finances. She will be more concerned about the progress of her man. She will do anything to make her man happy as long as he’s remain loyal to her and make her happy. She will do anything to keep her family together. She will endure unimaginable pains for the sake of her kids. A real woman will choose everlasting joy instead of temporary luxury. But most good women always end up with bad men who take their kindness for weakness. Some men are lucky to have a real woman in their life but they ignorantly push her away and end up with a material woman who is beautiful but gives them a heart attack. Most men lost their precious diamond while they were blindly collecting ordinary stones.” -Akin Al-Ameen

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5 Responses to Three categories of Women by Akin Al Ameen

  1. Me says:

    Nice. But everyone keeps talking about women. Makes men think they have no role to play. Every guy feels authorized to decide who’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’, even those who have the worst characters imaginable!

    • cknaija says:

      Actually men have a lot too play, it would be nice if a lady could do a write up like this telling them the difference between a boy, sex addict, alcholic, lazy, football fanatic, money chasing, visionless, greedy, unspiritual, etc and then a real man 🙂 if you come across such a write up please tag me

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  4. amanda says:

    Lovely,the defense mechanism in me wants to say why is it always women this women that but the realist has to be honest this is a good write up,we can learn from it.

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