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How to say No when you are already sleeping together

Most situations of impurity can be avoided if you think ahead and avoid people and places that are likely to endanger your purity. But if you are already in a situation where you need to cool it off, there are a number of things you can say. Everyone seems to recommend different approaches.

For starters, do not underestimate the direct approach: simply saying, “We need to stop—we’re going too far,” may do the trick, especially if it is already understood that you are committed to chastity. Include yourself as well as him—say, “We need to stop,” instead of, “You need to stop”—to indicate that you are not blaming him, just putting on the brakes. This may be hard, but consider it a learning experience so that you do not let things get to that point again.

On the other hand, some prefer the humorous approach: “Here’s my cell phone. Call my dad, and if he says it’s OK for us to do what you want, then I’ll do it.” Or, “You’ve got protection? Good. You are going to need it if you don’t get your hands off me.” And then there is, “Everyone’s doing it? Then you shouldn’t have trouble finding someone else.”

These may be entertaining, but I do not know how realistic they are. It might be more practical to give him a compliment—guys love that—such as, “I really like you, and I have so much fun when we’re together, but this is the kind of stuff I want to save for marriage.” Also, feel free to blame your parents for your decision: “My mom would kill me if she ever found out we were doing this. We need to stop.”

Another reason to skip the humorous approach is that this is not a time for jokes but for witnessing to the truth of love. Be humble but clear, confident, and firm, and see this as a teachable moment. Use a verbal no and a no with your body language. If you are lying with him on a couch and whispering a halfhearted “no,” he probably will not take you seriously, since you do not take your commitment to purity seriously. Also, when a girl is unable to say no, she is less attractive. Wendy Shalit described a “deadness” in girls’ demeanor “that comes from inauthenticity, from giving away too much,” from not knowing how to set limits and having the character to stand by them.[1] To avoid this deadness, pray to God for the strength to maintain and grow in your purity.

Even if you don’t convince your date to live purely in his own life, that’s OK. It’s more important that you do what is right than it is for you to convince another. You should not have to play the chastity cop. In fact, both people in a relationship should be mutually accountable. The responsibility to blow the whistle should not rest entirely on one person. Also, you do not owe your date a thirty-minute presentation on why chastity is important to you, and you certainly do not owe him sexual favors. If he does not accept a simple no, then he does not love you.

If that’s the case, let him go, and hold out for a man who knows how to properly honor a woman. Most importantly, do not be afraid. One teenage girl wrote to me and said, “I really like him, but I do not know why I have sex, like sometimes I am scared to say no.” There are worse things in the world than not being asked out again by a guy who only loves himself. If he dumps you over this, then he did not deserve your attention to begin with. Could this be embarrassing? Perhaps. But regret lasts much longer than embarrassment.

It also might not be embarrassing at all. One high school girl said to me, “I know a lot of guys who act like they want sex just because they think they have to think that. But really, on the inside they are not like that at all.” Sometimes it is a relief for a guy when a girl is clear about her boundaries and has strong values. It may take the pressure off a guy who assumes that you expect him to act like the rest of the guys. The numerous stories of sexual conquests that guys overhear in the locker room may make a good guy think that he is less of a man if he does not try to go as far with a woman as his classmates have.

Also, some men are afraid that women will consider them unmanly or reject them if the men do not try to have sex with them. Your date may be trying to go too far with you in order to avoid appearing less of a man. Your character will serve to remind him of real manhood. If you think that temptations make it nearly impossible to say no, remember that you have the ability to tell your body what to do. It will obey you. If a married couple were in bed together and their house caught on fire, do you think they would say, “Oh, no! We can’t say no to sex. We’re going to die!” Or do you think they would stop their actions—no matter how intimate and exciting—and save their lives? In the same way, remember that you have the capacity to sacrifice the pleasures of the moment for a greater good—to save your spiritual life.

When things are going too far, value yourself enough to say no. Unfortunately, many young women use physical intimacy as a way of giving themselves value. The embraces feel like an affirmation of their worth, and perhaps because of mistakes they have made in the past, they do not understand the tremendous value of their bodies. Your purity is a treasure, so have the confidence to respect yourself. When the two of you work to preserve purity, it will keep an element of mystery and excitement in your relationship that is lost when couples do not bother to keep anything secret and sacred.

[1]. Wendy Shalit, A Return to Modesty, (New York: Touchstone, 1999), 57.

Taken from abstinence before marriage Facebook page

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Hero Nigerian policeman

Hero Nigerian policeman


I was moved by this story in a small corner of the Guardian. It wasn’t big enough to earn a headline – (He’s not a politician).

The story goes that a man had gone to withdraw N150,000 cash in one of the banks in Abuja. Making his way home, a man snatched the money from his hand and jumped unto a waiting bike (Okada). At the same time, corporal Tanko was making his way to the bank and witnessed the incidence. He immediately gave the robbers a hot chase with his bike. When it became obvious that they are about to land into hot soup, they threw the money away and ran. Corporal Tanko retrieved the money, and came back and returned the money to the owner intact – this man who never believed he could get his money again was full of praise for the gallantry of the officer.
- Source Abiyamo”

Taken from Wale Olajumoke facebook page

These are stories worth telling, help share this to change perception of some who believe there are no good men in Nigeria or even in the police force~ cknaija


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Sultan should lead Muslim protest against BokoH

Sultan Should Lead Muslims In Protest Against Boko Haram –Aregbesola

Governor of Osun State, Rauf Aregbe­sola has called on the Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Abubakar to lead muslims in the coun­try to protest against the activities of Boko Haram.

He said this while de­livering a speech at the reunion lecture organised by the University of Lagos Muslim Alumni(UMA), entitled, “Political Stability: A Necessity for Economic Development.”

According to him, the Boko Haram sect is anti-Is­lam and does not represent the ideals of the religion.

He said, “We must rise up and denounce the evil perpetrated by the Boko Haram sect because they are tarnishing the peace­ful religion of Islam. I call on the Sultan of Sokoto to immediately lead other sin­cere muslims in a protest to denounce and totally reject the activities of the sect.

“They do not represent Islam. They are evel and wicked. We reject every­thing that the sect rep­resents and our religion forbids them. They are sycophants and we cannot continue to be quiet in the face of the insecurities.”
- Sun

Taken from Wale Olajumoke facebook page

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Interesting Piece about Holy Saturday

It was to the Limbo of the Fathers that Christ descended, a place of the dead that was emptied through His Passion, Resurrection and Ascension, and no longer exists. By this “Harrowing of Hell,” as His Descent is sometimes called, the doors to Heaven were swung open so that those who die in a state of grace may enter in, alleluia! Adam, Eve, Noe, Abraham, Moses, the good thief on the cross — all the righteous were illuminated by the Presence of Christ in the place of death, making Sheol itself a paradise. They remained there with Him until His Bodily Resurrection when the the “bars of Hell” were broken down and they were later able to enter into Heaven itself with His glorious Ascension.

Today a great silence reigns on earth, a great silence and a great stillness. A great silence because the King is asleep. The earth trembled and is still because God has fallen asleep in the flesh and he has raised up all who have slept ever since the world began… ..He has gone to search for Adam, our first father, as for a lost sheep. Greatly desiring to visit those who live in darkness and in the shadow of death, he has gone to free from sorrow Adam in his bonds and Eve, captive with him — He who is both their God and the son of Eve.. “I am your God, who for your sake have become your son… …I order you, O sleeper, to awake. I did not create you to be a prisoner in hell. Rise from the dead, for I am the life of the dead.” [Ancient Homily for Holy Saturday: PG 43, 440A, 452C; LH, Holy Saturday, OR]
Because of this great silence, today there will be no Mass (until the Vigil Mass tonight, which technically is Easter); instead, there is a solemn service. Today is traditionally a day of abstinence in addition to being a day of fasting, until the Vigil Mass, when the Lenten Fast ends. Though this fasting requirement was abolished in the new Code of Canon Law, traditional Catholics follow the traditional practice. In some churches today, priests will bless Easter baskets containing the foods eaten tomorrow (in other places, the baskets will be blessed after the liturgy tomorrow). Baskets bearing Easter bread, Easter eggs, meats, butter, horseradish, and salt are brought to church, blessed, and taken home to await the great feast tomorrow (see the Easter Day page for more information).

As said, in the evening — very late in the evening — there will be a true Mass, the Vigil Mass that begins Easter — a most joyous Mass during which Catechumens are baptized into the Church (neither the Creed nor Offertory are said) and the alleluia returns. This is a Mass that must be experienced! It is a very long service, but so beautiful, and when it is finished, Easter is here and the somberness that began on Good Friday is over; candles may be relit at home, music can be restored to the house, etc. The Vigil Mass starts in darkness; the lights of the church are extinguished. Then comes the Blessing of the New Fire and Blessing of the Paschal Candle: outdoors, if possible, the priest, wearing an amice, alb, stole and purple cope, blesses the new fire with Holy Water and prayer. This new fire is a symbol of Christ Who enlightens us. Back in the day, the people would extinguish the fires they kept burning in their homes, and would re-light it using the New Fire. Thnk of it! All year long, the fire that would light their nights, keep them warm, and cook their food was, they knew, from the Church and a symbol of Christ.

The acolyte will then fill the thurible with some of the coals from the fire, and the priest will fill it with incense and incense the new fire. The priest then carves into the wax of the Paschal candle the following: a Cross, the Alpha and Omega signs, and the year. 5 grains of incense symbolizing the 5 wounds of Christ are fixed into the candle, which is lit from the new fire. These incisions in the wax will follow the pattern below (see the page on Easter Sunday for more information on the Paschal candle itself):

Visit the site for pictures and more in-depth info on the different types of Hell and the Holy Saturday mass
Taken from : http://www.fisheaters.com/customslent15.html

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They spoke the same language but killed them anyway

“Let’s Practice The Second Great Commandment

Matthew 22:36-40 (Living Bible Translation):

“Sir, which is the most important command in the laws of Moses?”
Jesus replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. ‘ This is the first and greatest commandment. The second most important is similar:Love your neighbour as much as you love yourself.’ All the other commandments and all the demands of the prophets stem from these two laws and are fulfilled if you obey them. Keep only these and you will find that you are obeying all the others.”

…….”The second most important is similar: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS MUCH AS YOURSELF.”

I have just returned from a week long trip to Rwanda, where I went to witness, the 20th commemoration of the 1994, GENOCIDE AGAINST THE TUTSI PEOPLE.

I went there in my capacity, as a member of the Committee for the Prevention of Genocide. This is an international body, that operates under the United States National Holocaust Museum (www.ushmm.org).

It is hard to imagine that in a period of just 100 days, 1m people, were murdered; many by their neighbours, who look like them, and even speak the same language.

One of the most remarkable stories, I heard, during this recent visit, came from a young woman, called Grace. Now 30 she was 10 at the time, of the genocide, and a member of the Hutu community, that were fleeing to camps in Eastern Congo, at the end of the genocide, in fear of reprisals:
As she and her grandmother, were walking, with thousands of other refugees, they heard a woman, wailing in the bushes. The little girl broke away from her grandmother, to see what was happening. And there she found, a dying woman, half hacked to death, but with a 3 month baby still suckling at her breast. Without hesitation, little Grace picked up the Tutsi baby, and carried her on her back.
She steadfastly refused to be separated from the baby, and eventually raised her by herself! They still live together. Vanessa, the “baby” is now 20 years old!

Whenever I go to Rwanda, I am also struck by the remarkable way they have recovered. They now have one of the fastest growing economies in the world; yes, in the world!

I would like to urge you, to take a few minutes, and visit websites, to learn about what happened in Rwanda in 1994, and also to learn about their remarkable efforts to rebuild their country.

If like me, you also like to pray for nations, pray for them, and also Central African Republic, as well as the nations of Burundi, and South Sudan….

You know, before God turned the captivity of Job, He first directed him to pray for his friends; this too applies to nations, as a spiritual principle; It would appear that sometimes God wants us to “turn away from self”, before answering our own prayers.

Yes, there are problems, all over the world, but today, we pray for our friends and neighbours. Sympathise with them; mourn with them, remember with them; and salute their fortitude and courage, even as survivors.”

Taken from Strive Masiyiwa facebook page

Nigeria also needs prayers, many tribalists spreading hate same with religious bigots~cknaija

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Got a message saying Yahoo is deleting my account in 12hours

 The message goes like this

Dear Valued Customer,

We have received your request to terminate your email account and the process has started by our Yahoo mail team, Please give us 3 working days to complete the shut down process. All files on your yahoo mail including (Inbox, Sent, Spam, Trash, Draft) will be deleted and access to your Yahoo Email address will be Denied. . Click on the link below to cancel now. Failure to cancel request at this time will result in permanent account termination. This is an automated system generated warning message.blah blah blah… then it will tell you to click on link… don’t…


  That’s NOT from Yahoo, it’s a phishing scam to hack your account
1 – ALL emails regarding your account will be from an @cc.yahoo-inc.com address, NEVER @yahoo.com or anything else
2 – ALL emails regarding your account will ALWAYS have a purple Y! logo to the left of the message in your Inbox
3 – ALL emails regarding your account will always address you by your name (i.e. Dear John, Dear Mary), never a generic greeting (Dear Customer, Dear Yahoo Account Holder, Dear Valid User, etc), your email address or no greeting at all
4 – Yahoo will NEVER ask for any personal details in an email and will never ask you to click on a link to ‘verify’ your account. The ONLY time you are asked for personal info is when you first set up your account
5 – Yahoo Mail has UNLIMITED storage so there is no way to exceed its limit as Yahoo has NO limits
6 – Yahoo does not terminate accounts unless you have not logged in for more than 6 months

Mark as Spam so it gets reported to Yahoo and they can shut down that account. Don’t click on any links or call any numbers  


share this message to your friends and family, because if they hack them they can also get information about you, one love

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Trending News in Nigeria

Top 4 stories you need to know

1. BOKOHARAM ABDUCTS – Following news that 129 Girls were Abducted by Boko Haram, the nyanya motorpark Death Toll Rises to 76.
And Samantha Lewthwaite, also known as the White Widow, has been linked to the horrific attack in Abuja on Monday, which left 74 dead and hundreds wounded, according to Daily Star, a UK-based newspaper.

the Head of Interpol Ronald Noble said: “There is a global ‘tripwire’ for this fugitive. All 190 member countries are aware of the danger posed by this woman, not just across the region but also worldwide.”

2. KWAKWANSO VS GEJ: President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday in Kano at a PDP rally described Kano State governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, as a fraudster for embezzling allowances meant for party delegates during the 2010 PDP Presidential primaries.The President, who reacted to newspaper reports which quoted Kwankwaso as saying he regretted voting for him in 2011 general election, described Kwankwaso’s outburst as a lie, pointing out that Kwankwaso never identified with him politically.

Governor Kwankwaso however immediately fired back accusing the president of being insensitive to the mood of Nigerians by embarking on ‘merry-making trips’ when the nation is mourning those who died in Abuja bomb blast last Monday.

Federation Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC) has ratified its committee’s decision to remove the petroleum subsidy.
FAAC last month set up a committee to look into the possible removal of fuel subsidy. The committee comprised a member from the commissioners’ forum, the customs, state accountants general and the minister of state for finance etc.
On the submission of the report yesterday, FAAC simply approved the removal.
According to the chairman of Commissioners forum, Mr Timothy Odaah, the approval would be sent to the President for ratification.
He said that the fuel subsidy has not solved the problem for which it was introduced, adding that only a few privileged individuals are benefiting from it to the detriment of the majority .

Taken from Nigeria Info 99.3fm

Nigeria Info 99.3
TRENDINGNEWS now on Hradfacts with (@zoechinaka) and Chuks (@chuksene).

Please share your thoughts here or call our studio lines: 01-2770993; 2771993; 2772993; 2773993 or here on Facebook or WhatsApp: 08095975805.

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