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Trending News in Nigeria

Top 4 stories you need to know

1. BOKOHARAM ABDUCTS – Following news that 129 Girls were Abducted by Boko Haram, the nyanya motorpark Death Toll Rises to 76.
And Samantha Lewthwaite, also known as the White Widow, has been linked to the horrific attack in Abuja on Monday, which left 74 dead and hundreds wounded, according to Daily Star, a UK-based newspaper.

the Head of Interpol Ronald Noble said: “There is a global ‘tripwire’ for this fugitive. All 190 member countries are aware of the danger posed by this woman, not just across the region but also worldwide.”

2. KWAKWANSO VS GEJ: President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday in Kano at a PDP rally described Kano State governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, as a fraudster for embezzling allowances meant for party delegates during the 2010 PDP Presidential primaries.The President, who reacted to newspaper reports which quoted Kwankwaso as saying he regretted voting for him in 2011 general election, described Kwankwaso’s outburst as a lie, pointing out that Kwankwaso never identified with him politically.

Governor Kwankwaso however immediately fired back accusing the president of being insensitive to the mood of Nigerians by embarking on ‘merry-making trips’ when the nation is mourning those who died in Abuja bomb blast last Monday.

Federation Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC) has ratified its committee’s decision to remove the petroleum subsidy.
FAAC last month set up a committee to look into the possible removal of fuel subsidy. The committee comprised a member from the commissioners’ forum, the customs, state accountants general and the minister of state for finance etc.
On the submission of the report yesterday, FAAC simply approved the removal.
According to the chairman of Commissioners forum, Mr Timothy Odaah, the approval would be sent to the President for ratification.
He said that the fuel subsidy has not solved the problem for which it was introduced, adding that only a few privileged individuals are benefiting from it to the detriment of the majority .

Taken from Nigeria Info 99.3fm

Nigeria Info 99.3
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It could have been any of us or people directly linked to us, boko-haram members are not Ghosts, they have families among us, we can know someone who knows someone who knows them, we have to start being pro-active and take this message to them, they are a bunch of cowards and they shall all meet their judgement soon.

Originally posted on Dayo Nigeria:


That was my expression when I woke up this morning to the news that there was yet another bomb blast at the very busy Nyanya Motor-park on the outskirts of Abuja. I was so angry that I didn’t even know whether to curse Boko haram or the government that has successfully supervised the killings of tens of thousands of innocent Nigerians by the cowards called Boko Haram. I dare to say that contrary to what people think about Boko Haram as a fearless group of religious extremists, I see them as a group of idiots and cowards who have lost their ability to think as sane people would.

Immediately I heard the news, the ‘it could have been me’ thought flashed through my mind as I remembered that I was a regular visitor to this area throughout last year when I had to go through Nyanya to Lafia…

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Is Twitter For You? Part 1

Is Twitter for you? Part 1

A beginners guide in answering the question

“In 140 or less characters he communicated how she was the centre of his world and it was not enough, but she believed him anyway … for it was not in what he said but how she felt when he said it.” ~ @cknaija 2014

This post was originally meant to get certain friends of mine to OD (overdose) on the tweeting drug but then I’m not a twitter junkie, I haven’t really been that active on Twitter, compared to my social media counterparts regarding the twitter frenzy craze, in fact I’m one of the few proud introverts left in this popularity crazed digital world that we have found ourselves. But then we can’t all be shy like me :D and even if we want to compete for the award of last standing mediocre, while the rest of the world is moving on with all urgency, we would still need to pick up the form that is fast selling out on Twitter.

Twitter is a social media platform that links you to the rest of the world, the phrase the world is a global village” is summarised by the twitter-sphere, it’s almost like proof that you are alive and not just existing (sounds extreme until you eventually meet such social snobs).

As funny as that may have sounded people do take Twitter that seriously, and they should for a lot are making money by just re-tweeting what someone else wants them to say (not to mention those that are actually gifted with creativity), it is fast becoming the yard stick to determine how cool you are or how retro, in fact in the nearest future the first question you may be asked by either a potential date/stalker and or an interviewer, won’t be the famous “what is your name?”, it would be “are you on twitter? “And the answer you give to that question would determine if they would classify you to be interesting, old fashioned, in vogue or mediocre, the next thing they would do would be to check you up and see your past tweets, but more importantly your followership and who you follow, most pretty ladies do well in this department, and semi-nude ladies do extremely well on followership (disclaimer: I’m not encouraging nudity for followership in fact I plan on starting a trend #clotheTheNaked lets talk :p ), either way twitter becomes almost like your social currency to show how relevant or irrelevant you are in this global village, it would form many peoples opinions about you, whether you are on it or not, whether you are active or not, whether you are influential or among the influenced, whether you are a potential client or the competition, the possibilities of you being judged without you being aware or knowing what you are even going to be judged by just grew exponentially, and I do not want to add twitter-phobia to the list of our already saturated phobias, but we do need to know the tremendous potential that lies on this double edged sword.

A book I would recommend (they should pay me for this free advert… another opportunity to use twitter) is “who moved my cheese” by Dr Spencer Johnson, the book teaches in simple analogies the Topic; CHANGE, that it happens and we could live in denial and be reactive when it happens or be proactive and move with the tide/change, catch the wind and learn to sail with it before we are swept away and become extinct like dinosaurs.

Twitter brings together like minds, yes the profane seems to get more attention and followership but then you would be shocked by the reasonable people out there looking to connect with you but can’t find you, because you are either not there, or you are and are inactive. Yes it may start up boring at first, but what if I told you that you don’t have to do it alone, that I and the others, I will list as the blog series continues, both new and veterans in twitter and social media would come to your aid with articles like this, who are worth following and who would love to follow you especially if you don’t belong to the profane or popularity-contest clique. what if I told you that we could customize twitter to suit our type of quiet personality and still have tremendous followership and networking hence social currency and level of influence on social media, what if I told you that you could make money buying/selling and having fun simply by knowing how to use 140 and less characters to communicate effectively, would you listen?

The original post was actually meant to be Twitter for beginners, but it was too cliché, the question; “is Twitter for you?” is the question I ask myself as I write, each and every one of us have/has passion(s) that we were born with, some have it in excess some are yet to discover it, twitter is a platform that has come to help us harness our inertia by networking with others all around the globe through time and space, which in the not so distant past used to be limiting boundaries.

Follow me on this ride and I assure you, at the end you will be glad you came along, what do you have to lose? It’s difficult stepping out of our comfort zone, success is usually found at that one step we should have taken and failure at the step we did not take, people pay good money for consultation, you have it for free(at least almost free if you calculate your phone, pc and internet as expenditure :) rather than as assets)

To be continued…

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“It is not enough to be a good man, you must bear fruit, you must encourage other men to be good, you must be a mentor”


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Signs and Symptoms of Ebola and how to protect yourself

Frequently Asked Questions on Ebola virus disease

What is  Ebola virus disease (EVD)?

Ebola is a severe, infectious often-fatal disease in humans and nonhuman primates (monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees) caused by infection with Ebola virus.  It is very infectious, kills in a short time BUT can be prevented.

How is it spread?

The natural reservoir of the virus is unknown and it is not always clear how the virus first appears in humans. Usually the first person gets infected through contact with an infected animal.

People can be exposed to Ebola virus from direct physical contact with body fluids like blood, saliva, stool, urine, sweat etc. of an infected person and soiled linen used by a patient.

It can be spread through contact with objects, such as needles, that have been contaminated with infected secretions.

Incubation period is 2-21 days.

What are the signs and symptoms of EVD?

Sore throat
Joint and muscle aches
Stomach pain
Measles like rash
A rash, red eyes, hiccups and Bleeding from body openings  may be seen in some patients
How can it be prevented?

Avoid direct contact with body fluids of a person suffering from Ebola or a deceased patient by wearing gloves, goggles, and masks
Persons suspected to be suffering from Ebola should be taken to the nearest health unit immediately for medical attention. Tracing and follow up of people who may have been exposed to Ebola through close contact with patients are essential.
Persons who have died of Ebola must be handled using strong protective wear and buried immediately;
Report any suspected cases of Ebola to the nearest health unit immediately
Suspected cases should be isolated from other patients and strict barrier nursing techniques implemented.
All hospital staff should be briefed on the nature of the disease and its transmission routes. Particular emphasis should be placed on ensuring that invasive procedures such as the placing of intravenous lines and the handling of blood, secretions, catheters and suction devices are carried out under strict barrier nursing conditions. Hospital staff should have individual gowns, gloves, masks and goggles. Non-disposable protective equipment must not be reused unless they have been properly disinfected.
Infection may also spread through contact with the soiled clothing or bed linens from a patient with Ebola. Disinfection is therefore required before handling these items.
Communities affected by Ebola should make efforts to ensure that the population is well informed, both about the nature of the disease itself and about necessary outbreak containment measures, including burial of the deceased. People who have died from Ebola should be promptly and safely buried.

As the primary mode of person-to-person transmission is contact with contaminated blood, secretions or body fluids, people who have had close physical contact with patients should be kept under strict surveillance. Their body temperature should be checked twice a day, with immediate hospitalization and strict isolation in case of the onset of fever.
Communication, Advocacy and Media Unit
Telephone: + 472 413 9420, + 242 06 614 2401
E-mail: afrgodrdcam@who.int


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How Ebola is Spreading

FAQ: The Deadly Ebola Virus

WebMD Health News by Rita Rubin

Perhaps no virus strikes as much fear in people as Ebola, the cause of a deadly outbreak in the West African nation of Guinea.

The Guinea Ministry of Health has reported 127 cases of Ebola virus disease as of April 1, and 83 people had died, according to the World Health Organization. The cases of infected people include 14 health care workers, 8 of whom have died.

Ebola was first identified in 1976, when it appeared in outbreaks in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is named for the Ebola River, which runs near the Congolese village where one of the first outbreaks happened.

WebMD asked Amesh Adalja, MD, about the virus and efforts to contain it. Adalja is an infectious disease physician at the University of Pittsburgh.

Q. What are the symptoms?

A. At first, the symptoms are like a bad case of the flu: high fever, muscle aches, headache, sore throat, and weakness. They are followed quickly by vomiting, diarrhoea, and internal and external bleeding, which can spread the virus. The kidneys and liver begin to fail.

Ebola Zaire kills people quickly, typically 7 to 14 days after symptoms appear.

A person can have the virus but not show any symptoms for as long as 3 weeks, People who survive can still have the virus in their system for weeks afterwards.

Q. How does the virus spread?

A. Ebola isn’t as contagious as more common viruses, such as colds, influenza, or measles. It spreads to people by close contact with skin and bodily fluids from infected animals, such as fruit bats and monkeys. Then it spreads from person to person the same way. It can also spread indirectly, such as by sharing a towel with an infected person.

Q. How deadly is Ebola?

A. The Ebola strain in the Guinea outbreak is the most lethal of the five known strains of the virus. It is called Ebola Zaire and kills up to 9 out of 10 infected people. But the high death rate might be due to a lack of modern medical care. “It’s hard to say exactly what the [death] rate would be in a modern hospital with all of its intensive care units.”

Taken from the weblink below


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Why Ladies love Bad guys by Leke Alder

Dear Jil, you want to know why some women go for ‘bad boys’ instead of good men?! That’s funny coming from a woman. I should be asking YOU! I guess you’re asking because your friend broke up with your nice and responsible brother and went for a ‘bad boy’! But before we go on let’s clarify something. We can’t lump ALL women together. You’re a woman yourself. I understand you’re exasperated but it’s not true that women in general prefer bad boys. SOME women do. There are quite a number of factors. Not sure there’s a SINGULAR reason.

The human psyche is complex. It is influenced by many factors, including our backgrounds. Life is not 2D. Some women want excitement, some are fixated on a singular feature in a man, some are willful… Some are programmed by media, some by parents; some lack esteem, some are genuinely deluded… Some are in a rebellious state, some are hooked on sex, some are not thinking of tomorrow, some like danger… Some are lurching from one extremity to the other, from one relationship to the other – they’re relationship drunk… Some don’t care, some are not worldly wise, some can’t read character, some are young and foolish… Some get carried away with material possessions, some don’t evaluate consequences, some don’t think… Some have messiah complex – they want to save someone, imagine they can save someone… Some just want a man, any man; some want attention, some like pain… And the list goes on and on. And some have suicidal inclination! But the fact remains – “Bad company ruins good manners.” (1 Corinthians 15:33). The Amplified translation of that text is more explicit: “Do not be so deceived and misled! Evil companionships (associations) corrupt and deprave good manners and morals and character.”

We hardly pay attention to the first part of the famous quote – “Do not be so deceived and misled! It means there’s a tendency for people to deceive themselves about wrong associations. That they’re prone to being misled about the outcome.
That they’re prone to being misled about the outcome of a bad association. And nothing ruins like self conviction on a suicide mission. It’s a strange form of righteousness.

Once suicidal self righteousness sets in, stubbornness assumes infallibility. The stubbornness begins to display the demoniac capacity of the mad man from Gadara. The lady becomes truculent, belligerent, disputatious and bellicose. A siege mentality develops. You can’t get across to her. You can’t persuade her otherwise. And you can’t understand the obdurate pertinacity. I remember the story of a young girl who got involved with a married older man back in my days in the university. She was 17. He was 42, or more. There was nothing anyone could say to dissuade her. She soon moved in with him. Left her campus accommodation for his town residence. He was fairly comfortable for the naive needs of her tender age. He satisfied her immature emotional needfulness. She located a father image in him. He became her surrogate reality, the evaluation of which no voice of reason could audit or edit. He debauched her, introduced her to the throes of copulative indulgence. She became an acting adult. Gained 3 extra years. He then finagled her subscription to seducing doctrines of demons, away from the faith of the God of her father. Being curious, she was prone to intellectual deceit masquerading as spiritualism. He sliced her a piece of forbidden fruit. She broke his home, though some will call him an àgbáya. The English language lacks the wherewithal for that video word. Think of an adult seizing a candy bar from a four year old, the child weeping in tantrums – that’s an àgbáya!

And now we’re all grown up, you realise every comfort she glorified she could have accomplished on her own, easy! She pre-emptively traded the promises of tomorrow for cheap imitation jewellery. What the West African Yoruba tribe appellate “pãndá”. Think of cheap brittle aluminium spoons. She woke up twelve years later, divorced,
She woke up twelve years later, divorced, two children in tow. The novelty had since worn off. All that was left was the visually unenthralling, non appetising, off colour coagulated pasty dregs of regret. The liaison had run out of hormonal energy. But the damage was done. Her ego limped in a cast, her youth irreclaimable. What her young eyes thought was great turned out to be most ordinary. That man was bad news. Everyone knew it. She knew it. But she was stubbornly insistent on the combinatorially indefensible.

Youth by definition lacks experience. Experience comes with years. It is wisdom but it’s expensive. It is cheaper to subscribe to the wisdom bank of a sapient God. Interactive options are available. A compassionate God always warns us against bad choices. But we overwrite his warnings with our lusts and willfulness. That peace you don’t have as you ponder matrimonial progression with that man is God warning you. The deep unhappiness that settles on you like a heavy dark cloak as you contemplate a future with that man is God warning you. If you’re piloting a plane but discover half way through your journey you’re terribly off course… Do you persist in the wrong direction because you’ve expended time, energy and resources? Or do you turn around and absorb your costs to avoid being marooned, to have another opportunity? Some people are more concerned about the sunk costs in a bad relationship than happiness. Evil association always corrupts good girls. To interpret “Evil communication corrupts good manners” in modern idiom I’d say: Networking with contaminated servers makes us prone to viral infection.

A lack of self esteem can make us seek validation from those who should be seeking validation from us!

Think. Your mentor, LA.
@ Leke Alder:

Taken From
Ehinomen Praise Ogudo
Facebook page

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Before He or She commits Suicide

Before He or She commits Suicide


The best way we can help heal the world is to listen to each other’s story – Rebeccah Falls

Afeez, a young man in his mid twenties  climbed to the very top of a 33KV high voltage pylon in his street of Masha area of Lagos,about 2years ago, in a suicide attempt. The residents woke up early in the morning with a rude shock seeing some one in such a dangerous point and height. They beggged him to come down but refused, after a while, he yielded  to their plea and got down. Thereafter, the news report reads: ” instead of offering him help, they gave him beating and later on in the evening of that day, he drank a poisonous substance and died”. Sources added that, the youngman has been complaining of some problems lately before his death. Most suicide cases are similar; loneliness in times of personal challenges without anybody’s care or attention. The situation is tougher especially where people barely have enough time for themselves such as in a fast paced city like Lagos.

Though, not every ignored people get to commit suicide, and not all reasons for suicide appear strong enough, but as humans our abilities to contain frustrations vary over a wide range of bandwidth. While some manifest their frustrations in terms of aggression towards others like murder, cussing, jealousy, gossip, and vandalization; others take it on themselves by suicide, drug addiction, alcoholism, and inflicting of self harm. All the above set of people need our attention especially at the formative stage. We all have tolerance rating when it comes to bearing things. Only a few set of people can naturally handle excruciating challenges of life philosophically without letting such get the best of them.

Do you have someone around you who was hitherto  a jolly good fellow but is now withdrawn and rarely talks to anyone? Is there a colleague in your office who needs a caring heart and a listening ear to confide in? Don’t get it twisted, even that hard hearted boss of yours may be nursing an emotional sore (pain) and manifesting it with hashness. My colleagues ones caught a young lady who was their boss crying. They never believed tears can drop from the eyes of such a ‘dispassionate’ high flying lady. You can also counsel your Madam or  ‘oga at the top’  but diplomatically by winning their confidence, giving them listening ears in spear times, and offering counsels. It might surprise you the depth of loneliness and frustration being suffered by highly placed people. We shouldn’t just assume they don’t have problems. Your brother or sister may be married but living single. It’s no longer news that many married people are not emotionally connected but caged in matrimony. If you have a colleageue in your group in church, college, office, or anywhere that no one cares to relate to please reach out to them. Counselors generally get their own emotional problems solved by solving other peoples own. The more you reach out to others, the more relief you experience. A caveat to this is that your attention, listening ears , and cares should first begin from your base- family and loved ones. Also, am not asking you to be an emotional dump yard or unneccessary pity party. Just play your part. I know some people are reclused and rarely communicate.

When people complain and worry please, give them attention. As a good student, why not look back at a struggling classmate who is making genuine efforts to do well but keeps getting it wrong in his accademics. As a celebrity or boss, a visit to the home of a ‘lowly’ place employee may just be the antedote to their ailment or worries. When a lady is looking real good, please don’t be quiet about it. Let her know how nice she is looking and if you can, commend her appearance in the presence of others. That could wipe out an existing worry in her mind or even make her entire day or week. When people do well, praise them. When their performance is dropping or appraisal result is low, let them know the enormous abilities in them and how they can always better themselves. As a customer service officer or sales person, you win the confidence of people or prospective clients more by how much you listen to them than by how much you persuade them. Be guided! The ancient Greek philosopher, Diogenes wrote: ” man is created with two ears and one mouth so that he can listen twice as much as he speaks”. Even the best performing nurses, doctors, engineers, and managers know the importance of paying (empathetic)attention to client’s complaints and concerns with reasonable attention span.

Have a kingsize Friday and a wonderful weekend. May the amazing grace, boundless love, unspeakable joy, and unfathomable peace of Christ be upon us all and our households…Deo gratias.

Christian Okwori

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